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Monday, July 23, 2012

SupportMart Review: Latest Acer Aspire V5-431 Laptop

Demand of computers is exponentially increasing day by day. Users prefer best-featured laptop with portable, stylish look, and attractive design. This is the reason inciting computer manufacturers to update their current models of laptop and desktops.

Following this trend, Acer has already different models of computers in its product store. However, to beat other brands it has launched new Aspire V5-431 laptop. Let us see whether it can beat others or not. Noteworthy that opinion offered in this post is completely personal.

This Aspire V5-431 is very sleek and light computing machine available in different colors to enhance its look. In addition, many advanced features are included to boost it.

Its scratch-free exterior is of silver color. Its black and silver dual-tone finish makes it more stylish and attractive. Metal is not used in its manufacturing but its finish gives a metallic look and separates it from the hordes of other plastic laptops. It has a webcam on the top of screen as usual. Its display resolution is 1366*768 pixels, which is good for bright and clear view. Any time you face any problem like not getting clear picture or your computer stuck somewhere then you can also contact third party Acer laptop support provider. This low budget laptop makes it affordable to the common users.

You will get inbuilt security tool for data protection. In addition, there is Acer Backup Manager to help you in taking regular backups. For better graphics, NIVIDA GeForce is used. In addition, combo port of VGA/LAN is there for convenient and fast internet connection. You can take Acer laptop help from the experts of third party whenever you face any connectivity or browser issues.

Below the display screen, a keyboard of full-sized is there with a power ON-button. Along with this, you will see various ports on the edge. A VGA port, Ethernet port, one USB 3.0 port, headphone jack of 3.5mm, HDMI port and two USB 2.0 port are available on the left side. The Kensington lock and DVD writer is present on the left portion.

Many features are not added in this laptop to reduce its overall cost such as backlit keyboard, fingerprint sensor, eSATA port, etc. Its weight is pretty less approximately 74 ounces, which make it portable so that you can carry it with you. To avoid wobbling, a hinge surrounds its bottom frame. The overall body does not have unconvincing or decrepit feel.

The buttons are comfortable to type, however, you should be very careful about the LCD panel as it is very delicate. Acer Asus V5-451 is also having optical drive helping in to show clear and bright pictures. You can play games or watch movies with better clarity. Sometimes because of some software issue, you may face problem in proper functioning of the games or videos. Third party’s Acer notebook support will help you in resolving your problem.


The latest laptop of Acer is Aspire V5-431, whose technology is similar to that of the Ultrabook but the price is very reasonable. You will get inbuilt security tool for providing security to your data. Acer Backup manager provides backup of your important data. It is estimated that this latest Aspire V5-451 will be released in the end of the June. If any error occur at the time of installment or removing any software or application contact to Acer laptop support of third party.

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