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Monday, December 30, 2013

Reliable Lenovo support is a call away at SupportMart

Lenovo laptops are known for their stylish, sleek looks and amazing specs. Most users from the business class love these machines for offering sophisticated look and high-end performance. Lenovo keeps getting added new laptops, computers and more such machines to its family always, in order to help users get hands-on of machines that are innovative and boast intuitive and improved features.

Lenovo itself denotes creativity, which can be easily seen in every machine released under this brand. But, beneath the beautiful and attractive cases what lies underneath is a complex network of software and programs, understanding which is not something, every user out there experiences.

Most users when trying to navigate through the extensive specs list or features of the Lenovo laptops, notebooks or tablets feel themselves in a situation where expert assistance seems important. Just to help here are the Lenovo tech support experts who offer help to users in a manner they understand. It’s not just the parent company which offers this service, but many third-party vendors as well.

SupportMart is one such leading name on this front, where the Lenovo technical support number is like an easy means to get connected with expert who can help in resolving any kind of issue or problem on the Lenovo machine.

Experts here offer both onsite and online support, in case an issue needs in-person assistance. So, instead of worrying, call now on the toll-free number and get support to instantly resolve the issue keeping you from using your Lenovo machine to the fullest. Support is also available through live chat and via email.

Friday, December 27, 2013

A next-gen personal search assistant soon to be revealed by Google

Google, the biggest shark in the ocean of search engines, constantly focuses on making search smarter. To make this possible, the company is soon going to create a personal assistant to give users smarter results while searching on Google.

The search results page on Google is shortly going to resemble a personal assistant and not just a search tool. This nextgen concept for making search user-friendly aims at making the tasks a person does using Google everyday simpler, as the time of the day moves by.

The search transformation will even cover cases when a user interacts with Google, but without making use of an actual screen, For example, when they are in a living room, their car or any other place away from the computer screen. Also, the need for speakers and microphones that present the “OK Google” voice command may seem absent.

An assistant can be called ultimate only when they can do much more than carrying on a conversation, in fact being proactive is needed, which is where Google Now enters.

Google Now has proved of ample use which searches through the Gmail inbox to know about your habits, reservations, travel bookings and everything else about you that your email box contains. Google is believed to continue revamping or improving this platform and is even expected to open it up soon for developers.

The next generation of Google Search now aims at how third-party developers can fit-in the new information into their Knowledge Graph, meanwhile the concept of tricking Google algorithms to acquire better page ranks than the competitors will now seem little less significant. Well, it’s time now to change is what finally Google is telling out to users!

About Author : The author is an experienced Remote computer repair specialist who works at SupportMart. The company is a leading name in this scenario known to offer reliable Microsoft Windows 7 Tech Support that can be availed anytime and any day with just one call at the Microsoft technical Support number 1 800 793 7521 toll free.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

How to convert Excel Files into Word file by simple DIY methods?

Excel and Word files are used by many users almost on a daily basis, in fact these form the most important tools for some user’s everyday work schedules. There are times when a user would look to convert Excel files to Word Documents. You may say it’s like copying and pasting the Excel tables in the Word Doc, while the other method describes conversion. However, Files in Excel mode can be exported to Word in .rtf or rich text file format, which helps in maintaining proper spaces between columns and rows. Also, when importing to Word, Links can still be created in Excel and in the original doc as well. Also, an Excel table can be saved as an image file, which can next be imported into a Word Document. However, if you still don’t understand how to convert an Excel Table into a Word format, here are three methods to do this easily.

First Method, involves Importing an Excel Table into Word
  • You first need to select the table, chart or data that you want to convert to the Word File and select Copy which is an option in Formatting toolbar. The Word file where the data must be exported is opened and the data that was copied is pasted, thus exporting the same into Word.
  • You can use “Paste Options” which is displayed next to imported object, where you must select ‘Match Destination Table Style’ Option in the pull-down menu; this will help in importing Excel data that is especially formatted for Word file.
  • You can also opt to paste table, data or chart in a rich text format by clicking on “Paste Options” and then selecting “Keep Text Only” in the pull-down menu. This helps in exporting data, but without formatting or borders.
  •  To create a link to the data between original Excel File and Word document, click on “Paste Options”. Next, select ‘Match Destination Table Style’ or ‘Link to Excel’ option from pull-down menu, this helps in establishing a link between the two files.

Second Method involves Importing Excel into Word as a Bitmap Image File
  • Begin by clicking on “Paste Options”, next to imported chart option. Next select ‘Save as Image’ alternative in pull-down menu; this helps in inserting Excel data as a bitmap image file into Word.

Third Method involves Importing Excel into Word as a JPEG Image
  • You must begin by zooming the Excel window to make all information clearly visible. Next, holding the control key on keyboard you need to press ‘Print Screen’ located on the right side of the keyboard in the top row.
  • Save this image as a JPEG file and open MS Paint on your computer, from Accessories> Start Menu> All Programs. When image appears in MS Paint application, save as JPEG file.
  • Next import the image into the word document, by dragging the image into an opened Word doc.

Above methods can help you in easily converting an Excel File into Word, and if you get stuck anywhere, help is anytime available at the Microsoft tech support number.

SupportMart, a global leader on this front, has a dedicated team of Microsoft technical support professionals, where you can find an answer anytime, by simply making a phone call.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Malware: what are the different kinds known today?

Malware, which is a combination of malicious and software, is among the most common threats that can intrude any computer almost anytime. Malware usually describes all the different kinds of programs that can cause security damage to a computer. Understanding why malwares attack is essential to keep such incidences to the minimum. So, let’s see what the major types of malwares are that can most commonly affect a computer and your productivity.
  1. Phishing: The phishing websites/scams are usually initiated by websites that pretend to be legitimate and the main goal is to ‘fish’ for confidential information. Hackers use it to bring out confidential information, like banking details or personal details, which users think they are sharing on a government, banking or shopping site, while in the background something fishy might be happening.
  2. Trojan Horse: The Trojan like phishing imitates a genuine program. The program may function genuinely, but the motive behind the same might be scam. The threats this can impose on a computer are data deletion, relayed spamming or porn, compromised security and infection of any sort that can affect the functionality and performance.
  3. Spyware: This program collects information and sends to a computer that’s centrally connected, while targeting as an advertising tool. The threat is not very big, but hackers are now exploiting these and making it more vulnerable in the form of programs that are downloaded on a computer. Downloading programs that’s spyware infected can cause the computer getting slowed immensely. Removing the spyware is particularly difficult.
  4. Worm: Worm depicts a virus that replicates over a network. These arrive through email and peruse the contact book and then start sending a copy of worms to all in the list, deceiving the message like it’s from the user. Worm is often used interchangeably with viruses and the former is used to deliver the later.
  5. Virus: A virus can be very annoying and damaging. The number that exists currently is large and these can take control of either the complete or partial function. The virus can lead to data loss or can even scrap out confidential information like passwords, banking details, credit card information and more. A virus can infect a computer through a number of sources and can often send the information to any computer connected to the one infected. Also, the virus can deceive the users’ identity and send emails or objectionable content and can even coordinate attacks against the many websites on the web.

Tacking with malware is not always easy and to help users feel less of problems are the remote computer support specialists. The online computer repair technicians help users in understanding the kind of malware causing the problem and suggest the best resolution method to tackle with this situation easily.

About Author :Herry Willson is a ASUS Tech support expert who works for SupportMart, leading technical support Company in the US. They Provide support for windows all brand's antivirus, computer, desktops, laptops and Printers and Support for Antivirus Products You can get in touch with them at 1800 793 7521 toll free.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Products from the Gadget Front that managed to make heads turn in 2013

It’s that time of the year, which most of us anticipate for merry-making, celebrations and to vow for a new start. With just few days left for this year to end, it’s time now to come up with the best technological innovations for 2013. Every year many gadgets make to the screen, but just few out of these manage to catch an eye and create news. So, here is a quick list of gadgets that have acquired the place of being the most memorable gadgets for this year nearing its end.
This year many tablets, game consoles, smartphones, wearable, PCs, desktops and more managed to make an appearance, but what succeeded in creating an impression are the top products that defined ‘technology at its best’ for 2013. These are :
  1. At the number one place is the Chromecast from Google, that’s truly named as the gadget of 2013, its a little dongle, which boasts a rapidly growing arsenal for streaming services that are compatible. These services can transform an HDMI enabled set into a smart TV of today, which can be controlled by a mobile device.
  2. Another one on this list is the Moto X from Motorola that entails elements that most other smartphone manufacturers overlook. Most companies are focusing on enlarging displays, while Moto X brought for users ruggedness and reliable battery life. It’s a device created for customization and has truly made its makers proud, at least in its place of manufacture- U.S.A
  3. Google Glass- a not so popular device, which was released from a company that is popularly known for its software offerings. This small headset might have not managed to impress all, but in its tiny dimensions, the headset gave a glimpse of what the future might unfold. Even with its limited publicity, Google Glass has managed to grab imagination of users all over.
  4. Now it’s time for Apple, where 2013 was not amongst the most innovative and technology progressing years for the company, but it did made news with a super-sleek hardware for all. It’s with its iPad, which is a thin, sleek and light device from Apple. Great battery life, amazing performance and the A7 chip are the most talked about things, the iPad Air from Apple packs. The operating system too was a show stopper which is iOS 7.
  5. Now for the PlayStation 4 from Sony, this did not win the console wars, but managed to make heads turn. Not that ultimate gaming tool for gamers, but it still boasts a powerful machine and a revamped gamepad, all being sold at a pretty decent price.

For all those technology enthusiasts who still could not satiate their hunger for technology, the New Year is about to begin, which is bound to bring with it newer technology, better gadgets and an improved experience. So, keep counting!

About Author: Herry Willson is a Tech support expert who works for SupportMart, leading technical support Company in the US. They Provide support for windows all brand's antivirus, computer, desktops, laptops and Printers. Support for Antivirus Products You can get in touch with them at 1800 793 7521 toll free.

Friday, December 20, 2013

New CEO at Microsoft- you might need to wait few more months!

Image Credit :
'Microsoft to have a new CEO’, is news that has garnered the company many feedbacks. The new CEO would replace Steve Ballmer, the current leader, but the person who will do this has still not been finalized. It looks like the company has still not decided on this front and is postponing the name by maybe the early part of 2014. Initially, this was to happen before 2013 ended, but the company needs more time.

The company took into consideration 100 individuals who were somehow suitable for this post and after interviewing and talking with many finally came down to a list of 20. It consists of individuals who are all impressive in their own ways. The company is still work on the process of finalizing, ‘The One’ who would be the most deserving candidate for this position at Microsoft.

Finding an individual who can replace Ballmer is not easy, and it gets even tougher after knowing that Microsoft had just two CEOs in its history. As per news or you can even say rumors, the CEO at Ford, Alan Mullaly, is speculated to head this pack of 20 shortlisted individuals. Meanwhile, Mullaly confirmed to stay with Ford for the next year though.

Another expected name is of Steve Mollenkopf, who is Qualcomm COO, who says will take over as the CEO of Qualcomm on 4th of March. However, there are many other candidates whose names have not been released publicly and the company wishes to keep this secret a secret, for a little longer. Seeing how Ballmer fulfilled his roles and responsibilities, it’s like finding a needle in the haystack, for a person who can takeover Ballmer’s post at Microsoft, should be a distinct person.

Ballmer will be serving as CEO at Microsoft for 9 more months, before which the name will have to be finalized. So, rumors that will it be Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO or Alan Mullaly, Ford’s CEO, are still on. But, no one outside the Board at Microsoft is actually aware about the real name and it’s believed to become public in the early part of next year.

So, to actually know who will replace Ballmer as the new CEO of Microsoft, folks you would have to wait a little more. Till then you can keep the guessing game on!

The writer is an Microsoft Support Specialist, who has been in this profession for many years now. His experience and knowledge has helped readers in getting aware about many tips and tricks linked with computers and Microsoft Technical Support to ensure trouble-free experience for users. Call 1-800-793-7521 toll free for any help.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Live Streaming now accessible for all users on YouTube, P.S. conditions apply!

Video uploading is a popular activity, which is now being used by many, but what has now gained even more popularity is ‘live streaming’. You now have the freedom to show and upload events coverage in real time, especially useful for game play session, charities, contests and more. Till now, live streaming was of very limited access on YouTube, but the stats have now changed. YouTube has now made live streaming accessible to all users, which has given them access to showcase real time broadcasts and footages to millions over the web, and especially those who are at a distant and not attending the event.

‘Live Streaming is no more a luxury for the big and the mighty’, is the latest updated from YouTube. Now, don’t take it for a free pass, as terms and conditions still apply. The user needs to be in good standing, absence of which can lead to account suspension or function disabling.

Account verification is needed, if you wish to live stream on YouTube, which involves entering the verification code, you received on your handset into the verification field. Even after meeting these requirements, it’s not necessary that you may see an account enabled right away. As experts say that expansion is on its way and YouTube says that it might take a month or so to put this feature rolling full-fledged.

After updates start rolling in, you may even see a Google+ Hangout on Air via the Live Events Manager at YouTube. This is to make the entire process easier and to turn the task of inviting potential viewers into simpler. So, to know more about this new service by YouTube, just land on the company’s service blogspot asap!

The writer is an Antivirus support specialist at SupportMart- a Global Company offering technical support for Windows. So get, Support by calling anytime on the Acer Technical support number at 1 800 793 7521, connect with a live technician, watch all the troubleshooting and forget all your IT worries.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Multiple-Login into same website, how to do it with Google Chrome?

Most users are stuck in a dilemma of using multiple Yahoo accounts at the same time, the answer to which is using a different browser for each account. But, another easier way is of switching to the Google Chrome web browser.

An excellent extension by Google Chrome, which is ‘Multi-Account login’, gives you the freedom of logging easily into multiple online accounts even on one website, and its requires nothing more than using the Chrome browser.

In case, you are not aware about how to install and use the multi-account login extension, here is a simple step-by-step process
  •         You first need to visit the official website of Google Chrome, then click the blue Free button on the site, followed by clicking Add.
  •         Now, to log into another account on a single website and without changing the browser, simply click on the New Account icon, which is displayed in the upper right hand side corner of the Chrome web browser.
  •        When clicking on the icon, a new tab will open where you can log into a new account, clicking again on the green button will help you log in into the third account and this can keep going on…
The Multi-Account Login extension on Google Chrome web browser will not ask you for any money in return, but what this will offer is ease of use and freedom to login into multiple accounts, but without signing out of the previous one.

The writer is an Antivirus support specialist at SupportBuddy- a Global Company offering technical support for Avast. Call 1 888 753 5164, connect with a live technician remotely, and get your issue resolved instantly while speaking on the Avast technical support number.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Get Ace Acer technical support with experts at SupportMart

Acer, a Taiwanese company, which enjoys ace fame in manufacturing the best known PCs, laptops, desktops, PDAs and more is a leading name in the global market. More from its family are displays, lesser extent servers and peripherals. Users trust this brand for offering best solutions that can help in turning their computing experience into an easier and convenient one, always. The company has managed to bag ace position in the chart that lists the largest PC vendors on globe, a number of times.

The most popular products released from this brand that has a large number of machines in the market, entail the Acer Aspire desktop PC and notebook series. Also, the Acer Travelmate notebooks, Acer Liquid cell phones and Acer Aspire One netbooks are devices that have managed to bag this company a lot of popularity and fame among users all over. These devices have helped Acer in earning a good fan following, while adding to its user list significantly.

Everything from Acer is great, but issues and errors cannot be still kept out completely. Problems in software can emerge while installing anything new or upgrading to the latest version. Not all users out there have the knowledge, experience and expertise that are needed to deal with such issues. What can be done then? The answer is partnering with the reliable Acer support experts at SupportMart.

Technicalsupport for Acer machines offered at SupportMart covers machines of any kind and make that are released under the Acer name. Experts follow a customized approach, rather than a universal approach, while delivering support to ensure users can easily understand the problem and also the solution that is being offered. This helps in keeping away problems in future, especially in case where there’s a recurrence.

So, enjoy ace functionality with Acer machine and for support of any kind and for any machine, turn to experts at SupportMart anytime, anywhere.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Get easy Dell Help with trusted experts at SupportMart

Dell, the brand that released the Inspiron series of laptops, has brought for users an array of devices. Computers, desktops, laptops, and more such devices have helped in adding to the functionality and performance of users immensely. Do you own a Dell machine as well? If yes, you would not mind saying that the machine has offered you great functionality and a high-end performance always.

Occasional breakdowns are present and it’s something that is there in every other brand offering the same devices. So, don’t let such episodes of mal-functionality or issues spoil your computing experience anymore. If ever stuck in an issue you can always rely on the reliable Dell technical support help desk at SupportMart.
You must be thinking what’s different with SupportMart, which is not accessible with any other vendor. It’s very common to think about this, when partnering with any service provider. But, what makes SupportMart different is the high percentage of first call resolution, with support offered for software conflicts that might emerge on not just your PC, but peripherals as well.

Problems on your Dell machine can be very annoying and experts here understand it completely. The dedicated technical support for Dell here, thus ensures you stay near to top functionality and far from issues/errors or problems.

The satisfied customer count is another means of building a never-ending trust on the services that experts at the Dell help desk at SupportMart can offer. There have been many clients out there who are more than happy to have partnered with SupportMart for getting freedom from issues on Dell machines and you can be the next. So, become a part of this satisfied population and call experts here now.

Big Updates for Google Calendar and Small for Google Search, initiated for users

Google keeps bringing in for its users something new and improved every now and then, to enhance user experience manifolds. This time it’s for the Google Calendar, which will now include map location in auto-complete suggestions and suggested searches for events, which will be keyword driven. Especially for car lovers, there’s a cool new add-on too.

Google Calendar is like a reminder for many users, which helps them in keeping an account of important dates in life including appointments, anniversaries, birthdays and more. It’s like the memory pad for users, so a list of new updates is surely great news for all those who rely on this tool.

The first feature that has been added relies on another of Google’s favorite service, which is Google Maps. It’s helpful when adding venue details on Calendar, where Google Maps Auto-Complete feature will suggest locations, helping you choose the right one. A link for the Google Map of that particular area will then be inserted. So, all your contacts who have access to this event will now know where and how to reach, without the dilemma of getting lost.
Especially for those users who have a packed calendar, it’s time to get easy on search now, with a keyword-driven search that helps in never missing on an important appointment. Now, you just need to type the keyword and the event will be displayed in a jiffy on your screen.

The last of this improvement list is about Google Groups. Here you can invite any person to a calendar event by simply sending an invite on the Group. Also, an automatic update for guest list will help you keep track of who joined and who all left. This way you would now stay updated about events organized by the new group you’ve joined, while staying away from the list that doesn’t matter to you at all.

It’s time now for the change at Google Search. Especially for those car lovers this will help you get details easily about any vehicle on your mind. So, just type in the make and model and get all that you wish to know about that car- it’s MPG, engine size, pricing and more!

The writer is an Antivirus support specialist at SupportBuddy- a Global Company offering technical support for Webroot. So get, Support by calling anytime on the webroot technical support number 1 888 753 5164 and forget all your IT worries.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Now talk to a live person, rather than a machine with direct to speak customer support numbers

SupportMart Tech Support‘Breakdown in laptops’, ‘devices not working’ and issues keeping you from enjoying your device to its full potential are very common and can occur at any unknown time. Customer support then seems the easy help, as calling technicians is not always possible, especially when the time is odd and it’s a holiday. Most online businesses these days have many phone numbers on their websites to help connect with a technician. Sometimes the chain of extensions and numbers that must be pressed to actually speak to a human being, rather than an IVR, can make users frustrated. So, to help users get away from this frustration, here is a list of customer support phone numbers that can help you get instantly connected to a real person and save from all that waiting time and IVR episodes.

So, get in touch with the actual person who can help you get solution easily with these numbers.

Wireless network service providers
Before connecting to a representative live, you need to have the account and device information or details handy, as it will be needed to proceed any further.

AT&T: Dial 1-800-331-0500 and keep pressing 0.
Boost: Dial 1-888-266-7848, Press 5 followed by 2 followed by 4 followed by 0           and then 2.
Metro PCS: Dial 1-888-8METRO8 or 1-888-863-8768 and keep pressing #.
Sprint: Dial 1-888-211-4727, Press 4 and then 0.
Straight Talk: Dial 1-877-430-2355. Press 1, followed by 4 and then 4 again.
T-Mobile: Dial 1-877-453-1304. Say the word "English," followed by                             "representative."
Verizon: Dial 1-800-922-0204. Press 0 then # for four times and then 0.
Virgin Mobile: Dial 1-888-322-1122 and keep pressing 0.

Manufacturers and Services
Here is a list of the most renowned brands dealing in the manufacturing of computers, desktops, laptops, peripherals and a host of other devices used at homes and businesses.

Acer: Dial 1-866-621-2237 and keep pressing #.
Apple: For iPod/Mac, Dial 1-800-275-2237 and keep pressing 0. For                           iPhone/iPad, Dial 1-800-694-7466 and keep pressing #.
ASUS: Dial 1-510-739-3777 and keep pressing 0.
Belkin: Dial 1-800-223-5546. Dial 2263, then press 1, followed by 0 three                 times.
Blackberry: Dial 1-877-255-2377. Press 2 followed by 4.
Canon USA: Dial 1-800-828-4040 and press # twice.
Dell: Dial 1-800-624-9896. Press 3 then speak the word "Agent."
Gateway: Dial 1-949-471-7000 and keep pressing zero.
Google: Dial Google HQ at 1-650-623-4000 during its regular hours. Press 5,               followed by 3.
Hewlett-Packard: Dial 1-800-474-6836 and press 0 four times.
HTC: Dial 1-866-449-8358, and you'll be straightforwardly connected to be a           live representative.
Lenovo: Dial 1-866-968-4465 and press 0 twice.
LG: Dial 1-800-243-0000. Press 1 twice and then choose your product.
Logitech: Dial 1-646-454-3200. Press 1 followed by 0 four times.
Microsoft: Dial 1-800-642-7676 and keep pressing 0.
Motorola: Dial 1-866-289-6686 and press # three times.
Netflix: Dial 1-888-638-3549 and keep pressing 0, if you don't get connected              to a live representative                       immediately.
Nikon: Dial 1-800-645-6678. Press 1 followed by 4 followed by 1.
Nintendo: Dial 1-800-255-3700 and keep pressing 0.
Nokia: Dial 1-888-665-4228. Pick your language, and then press 3 twice.
Olympus: Dial 1-888-553-4448 and press 1.
Panasonic: Dial 1-800-211-7262 and keep saying the word "Customer."
Philips: Dial 1-888-744-5477 and keep pressing 0.
PlayStation: Dial 1-800-345-7669 and keep pressing 0.
Samsung: Dial 1-800-726-7864 and keep pressing 0.
Sharp: Dial 1-800-237-4277. Pick your language, and then press 1.
Sony: Dial 1-800-222-7669 and keep pressing 0.
Toshiba: Dial 1-800-457-7777. Pick your language, press 2 followed by 4.
Vizio: Dial 1-888-849-4623 and press 2.
Xbox: Dial 1-800-469-9269 and keep pressing 0.
Yahoo: Dial 1-866-562-7219 and press 2.

Calling a live technician, while keeping away from those frustrating waiting sessions, now seems easy, with the helpful details listed above.

Friday, December 6, 2013

How to ensure topnotch security for your Android phone?

This can happen with any person and at any time. Some of you might have already faced the same. We are discussing about your handset getting stolen or snatched by some stranger from outside. All this can happen and there is no way out. It’s not just the lost phone that can make you worried, but the sensitive information and data stored inside, which can prove of great help to criminals, if the same lands into wrong hands.

Thus, if you are an owner of a smartphone, which you bravely use while travelling or moving around on the street, there are some steps, which you should take to ensure data protection for your device and also to track and manage the phone, once it’s lost or gone. The wireless industry, on the other hand, is constantly working to confront phone theft episodes. So, here are few security tips, if you own an Android phone that can help in securing the data on your phone, if not the entire device!

Preventing data theft and hacking on your Android phone
The ways in which you can prevent data theft and hacking on your Android phone are:
·         Lock code which can entail any PIN from four to 17 digits in the form of a password can help. Make sure you use a combination of numbers, letters and special characters to make it difficult for anyone to track your password. But, this doesn’t end here as finger smudges on the display can help hacker in deciphering the unlock pattern, so develop a habit of wiping your phone’s screen often. The newer phones boast an improved feature, like the fingerprint scanner on the HTC One Max.
·         The Lock screen features like freedom to access missed calls and a preview of text messages you missed might seem great. But, try disabling this by going to the Security page in the Settings menu.
·         The Device Manager on Android is similar to ‘Find My iPhone app’ that gives you your phone’s access even after it’s stolen. You must always keep this feature activated by going to the Settings Menu on Google and choosing the option Android Device Manager there. You need to check boxes reading ‘locking’, ‘remotely locating’ and ‘phone resetting’ here.

What if a device is lost?
For locating a device that has lost, first sign in to Android Device Manager Website, which requires your Google ID and password. The list displaying all devices on your account will appear, clicking on each device will help you find its location on Google Maps. The device must be connected to a public Wi-Fi or a cellular network for this feature to work and to help you locate it.
You can next lock your phone by changing the lock mode or can set the phone to ring on its full volume nonstop for 5 minutes, or you can also choose to erase everything on your handset.  Android however does not have versions of Activation Lock, but you can easily find such features with third-party apps.

The final word
Like iOS, you cannot track a handset that is offline or switched off. Even if you send commands during this time, they are carried only when the phone reconnects. Also, when choosing to wipe off completely, tracking the device gets impossible. However, if somebody tries to swap the SIM card, you can detect your phone. Also, wiping microSD cards remotely is not possible; it’s available only for the internal memory of your phone. So, just be careful on what your phone’s memory card contains.

The good and bad

Android’s protection features are easy to use and attractive and the lock code option is great and missing on its competitors. However, adding onscreen messages and a mobile app, can make Android Device Manager pretty more equipped and more useful as well. Google needs to do something similar to the Activation Lock on Apple to make Android devices more protected and theft-protected and dataloss-proof.

About Author: Herry Willson is a Tech support expert who works for SupportMart, leading technical support Company in the US. They Provide support for windows all brand's antivirus, computer, desktops, laptops and Printers. Support for Antivirus Products You can get in touch with them at 1800 793 7521 toll free. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Speaker and Mic: The new route of Virus Attacks on PCs

Computers without network can also become victims to threats! Surprised? But, it’s now a proven reality, where researchers have found proof of software that can help in PC communication via microphones and speakers that are built-in, even when there is no network connection.

Computer researchers have created a malware that can establish connections between devices, which are not actively connected with the network. This finding has raised a big question on the reliability of ‘air gap’ that is considered a reliable way to protect information and data.

New malware jumps protected ‘air gap’ barrier using audio signals

The scientists created a prototype malware, which makes use of inaudible audio signals to transmit data in small amounts over hidden channels, located within a distance of about 65 feet. This can happen via the in-built speakers and microphones. The distance can be further elevated by connecting a device network that can help in repeating signals. This proof-of-concept software, has thus suggested that an internet connection is not enough, and even without it a computer can experience threats from the outside world.

The research came after the unveiling of a mysterious malware, which made use of high-frequency signals to move from one non-connected device to another. The computer used for carrying out this test was Lenovo T400, and the primary aim was of creating software that can help with underwater communications.

The first version developed by the R&D division at Underwater Acoustics and Marine Geophysics was capable of transmitting 20 bits data per second up to 64.6 feet. For covering greater distances, an acoustical mesh network that connects nearby devices to the chain could be used. Even with the small rate of transmissions, researchers suggest and warn that hackers and cybercriminals can make the malware more powerful with Keyloggers that can help in recording sensitive information.

An example is the login details of the user who has been victimized. Acoustical communications are usually not considered, so this concept seems a little out of league. But, the findings are all real and something that can prevent this are using a host-based intrusion detection system that’s capable of analyzing audio signal.

Also, it must contain a low-pass filter that blocks high frequency signals and allows only signals of low frequency to pass.

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Windows 8.1 leaves Mac OS X 10.9 behind in the race of desktop OS

The latest Operating System by Microsoft has taken over the OS industry by storm. It’s the ‘Windows 8.1’, which has taken over majority of the OS traffic that exists today.

As per stats, Windows 8.1 is the fifth most popular operating system for desktops, for details, stats below shows the same:

  • Windows 7- 46.64%
  • Windows XP- 31.22%
  • Windows 8- 6.66%
  • Windows Vista- 3.57%
  • Windows 8.1- 2.64%
  • Mac OS X 10.9- 2.42%
  • Mac OS X 10.8- 1.85%
  • Other OS – 4.98%
For the month of November, the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8.1 snagged 2.64% traffic of all OS for desktop. The number was pretty better than what was seen in October, which was 1.72% and 0.87% in September.

This rise pushed Windows 8.1 just behind Windows Vista with a 3.7% share and ahead of the Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, which earned a 2.42% share.

The preview edition of Windows 8.1 was released in June, while the official launch took place in October. The upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 is free and the latter is an improved version of all its predecessors.

The share of traffic for Windows 8 began falling in November, when users started migrating to the successor OS. Combined, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 managed a market share of 9.3%. This was above Windows Vista, which managed a distant third place against Windows 7 and Windows XP on 1st and 2nd respectively.
For XP, meanwhile, the OS has been seen losing its charm since August 2012, when Windows 7 started dominating the OS screen. XP’s fan following still seems to remain, with this 12-year old OS remaining a popular choice among home and business users. Microsoft has announced cutting down support for XP in April 2014 though; let’s see what change this would bring on XP’s popularity and Microsoft’s users.

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The little-known Chrome OS Camera app now gets immense revisions

The Chrome OS is equipped with an unusual app, which is the ‘Camera app’; it’s something that most users out there do not even know about. Well, for all those who got to know it just now. This Camera app will now see some new in-built features soon; the most talked on this part is video-recording, which has been missing, like forever.

The Camera App of Chrome OS will soon get some new video powers. The webcam support is not among the best features of this operating system, but this is expected to change with the new update for Camera app, that will soon make way for all users, in the time of one week.

The Open-source developer at Chrome recently wrote about this new feature on Google+. He said that an update on the Camera app of Chrome OS will now boast video recording, automatic photo sync support across all devices having Chrome and also a feature of directly posting on Google+ and YouTube.

For all Chrome users who after reading this piece, can’t wait anymore to experience hands-on this updated, new version of Camera app, the download is now available at the official website. So, visit it now! 

About Author: Herry Willson is a Tech support expert who works for SupportMart, leading technical support Company in the US. They Provide support for all brand's antivirus, computer, desktops, laptops and Printers. You can get in touch with them at 1800 793 7521 toll free.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Some exciting features of Mavericks: the brand new OS from Apple!

Every new operating system in the industry comes with improved features. Latest in this line is the X Mavericks from Apple, which has been released with a lineup of new and usable features. Here is a small collection of such hints and tricks that you can use to experience enhanced functionality with Mavericks.
·         With Shift-Control-Command-F, you can now get instant results when trying to find any file or folder through the hundreds of files stored in the hard disk.
·         Clicking the triangle next to the document name in title bar can help in renaming the files, assigning a tag or even changing its location or locking the file. Command T helps in opening new tabs, when searching files.
·         Creating a bootable volume of Mavericks on the USB drive is possible, but for this you need to follow a complete tutorial.
·         The support for multiple displays is amazing and assigning separate space to each display turns easier. So, go to System Preferences>Mission Control>Tick Displays and you can easily have separate Spaces. 
·         With Mavericks you can easily understand tagging, which can prove very useful when you’ve put a rational system in place.
·         With Mavericks added protection comes as a bonus feature. So, now this OS won’t let you open an unverified app that can cause harm to your system’s security. Also, removing this setting is pretty easy, which can be done in System Preferences.
·         If its Safari browser you are using, then you can see your Twitter feed in the side bar, also you can share links with Mavericks doing it automatically and also you can retweet then and there.
·         Finding passwords turn easier, although not a new feature, but Mavericks offers this one. So, you can find passwords especially for sites where you have set an automatic login. So, forget about forgotten passwords.

Above mentioned are just few hints or features of Mavericks OS that can help you enjoy improved features and enhanced functionality.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

How to increase your Laptop’s Life

Laptops, like any other machine experience wear and tear, and thus need replacement every few years. The craving for fancier, improved and newer hardware and software always lingers among users. Users to get closer to the new technology often throw the older one, even before it’s needed. So, if you are among those who are looking to keep their lappy for longer, here are few tips that can add to your machine’s expectancy greatly.

So, add to your PCs life by following this simple tips and the list of do’s and don’ts.
·         Liquids are a complete no-no: Drinking coffee, tea and other liquids is very common while working on the computer, but keeping these too close can prove hazardous. Spilling over can cause a lot of internal damage to the micro-components installed inside the machine and can even cause circuitry damage. So, keep liquids away, if feeling the urge to drink, just drink and keep that glass/bottle away.
·         Food; keep it away, it’s not your table: Eating over your laptop can make the small particles and crumbs fall between the keys of the keyboards, which is like giving invitation to small bugs. These crumbs can also cause harm to the circuitry and can even deteriorate the look of your stylish machine.
·         Clean hands are a must when using your laptops: Cleaner hands can make using the laptop a lot easier and can also prevent the stain on your hand from transferring onto the same. This way the coating of the machine can be kept as it is for longer.
·         Antivirus software is a must: An antivirus is like the defense system of a laptop, which must be always installed and updated at the earliest, in case the license has expired. As issues and viruses never ask for permission before entering, so stay equipped always.
·         LCD display monitor needs proper care: The screen of the laptop should be protected and the same must be gently closed when not in use. Lifting the laptop with its screen is a complete no and when trying to carry it, always lift the laptop from its base.
·         Take proper care of the power cord: Prevent pulling the power cord from the power socket to ensure protection and also avoid rolling the chair over the cord as it can lead to its early damage.
·         Be careful with accessory devices and removable drives: When inserting any device make sure it’s being plugged in at the right port. Also, handle these disks carefully as leaving these at any place can lead to breakage or scratches on the same. If inserting any CDs or DVDs, make sure there are no labels which can cause jamming of the same.
·         Rapid temperature changes are a complete no: Avoid turning your laptop immediately if you move from indoors to outdoors or when there is a good difference of temperature between the two places, in which it has been shifted.
·         Keep your laptop clean always: Having the laptop cleaned can help in keeping out dust that on accumulation can cause impairment in the functioning of the internal parts. The area around the exhaust fan must be carefully cleaned with a thin brush, which can otherwise lead to diminished air flow and then overheating.
·         Proper storage is required: A laptop case that can hold the machine ideally and while ensuring complete protection must be opted. This can help in keeping away scratches and other sorts of damages. Always keep your lappy on a surface that is flat and clean to minimize damages.
·         Try not using your laptop on the bed: Using the laptop for long hours repeatedly on the bed can cause the fans to obstruct by sucking the dust and debris on the bed. So, refrain from practicing this, it’s not good for your machine.
Above mentioned are just some golden tips, which if followed without failure can help in keeping your laptop as good as new for longer. So, practice it to delay your new laptop buying expenditure for later.

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