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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to Resolve MS Office 2010 Installation Issue on Windows?
MS Office 2010 is one of the versions of Microsoft’s much renowned supplication suite: MS Office, which is a complete suite of office applications compatible on servers, desktops and services. Microsoft Office technical support service is also rendered by the tech giant to help out users facing difficulty. Although on the whole it can be said that the suite is compatible on both Windows operating system and Apple’s Mac, when it comes specifically to the 2010 edition it must be noted that it can be downloaded and utilized only on Windows systems.

However, problems can arise while installing Office 2010 SP1 and SP2 on a PC that has Windows server 2003 SP1 and SP2 respectively. And, there persist known issues and behavioral deviations that users do experience on performing the installation procedure. A common failed installation process error message is as follows: “The installation of this package failed.”

To avoid the error message pop up, a preventive step can be executed, which is to ensure that there exists sufficient storage space in the hard disk drive of the computer system. The reason being, sometimes the packages may require four times space compared to the size of the file at the time of configuration.

To have the trouble resolved, there’s a necessity to install a predefined update before installing Office release 2010 SP 1 and SP2. Despite its configuration, it is not sure that the error shall get fixed and installation successful.

Therefore, it is instructed to contact the technicians of SupportMart technical Services, a Gurgaon based technical support provider and seek help for all troubles associated with MS Office 2010 as well as other version, be it for Apple’s Mac or Windows OS. The reason being Microsoft Office technical support service of the support provider is really outstanding and easily obtainable at toll free number : (800) 793 7521.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Know the Path to Tackle Arovax Antivirus Errors
There’s hardly any antivirus brand whose products do not require support for maintenance and service for the rectification of problems that arise in them. And Arovax is no different from the rest of its species. This is the reason that the Company delivers Arovax technical support services so that users of the tools do not have to spent all their time tackling issues on their own. But what obstructs users to get in touch with the technical team and get the right kind of support is the level of severity in the tech issues.

The upgrading task, update issues, installing/uninstalling troubles, setup errors, downloading problems are some of the general tribulations that are faced while tackling Arovax antivirus tools on Windows PCs and Macs, either on laptops, Table PCs and other mobile devices. There persist certain specific issues as well that might be encountered in the herein discussed antivirus brand.

Resolving them definitely becomes a top most priority as any technical suffering can make data storage systems vulnerable to virus, malicious codes in the form of adware, malware and spyware; and other online security threats like as phishing, bullying, spam emailing, etc. And, having being victimized by these faults and not availing professional help is really not an intelligent choice.

Therefore, ring the 24*7 active phone number (800) 793 7521 and ask for SupportMart Arovax technical support as the tech service provider has already setup a benchmark in the area. It has earned a lot of appreciation for esteemed services that it has been rendering since years.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Know How to Disable Pop up Blocker in Google Chrome
Pop up blockers are software applications or tools that can help users allow or prevent pop-ups from affecting the system’s web browsers or the machines itself. Although, most of the times pop ups are irritating and disrupt the workflow, at times users might want to disable popup blocker so that pop ups appear on the screen.

The reason being sometimes even the wanted web pages of different websites gets blocked on the condition that pop up blocker is enabled. Therefore, to allow the important websites and/or its linked pages to be visible to users it gets necessary to know the exact procedure.

However, the present blog deals with letting users know the way to disable pop up blockers in Google Chrome. At first, the browser’s menu on the toolbar, located at top right must be accessed. Thereby, the tab Settings must be clicked upon.

The third step involves clicking on ‘Show advanced settings’ button that appears at the bottom left of the page. Thereafter, the tab named ‘Content settings’ present under Privacy must be given a mouse click. The second last step is selecting the option ‘Allow all sites to show pop-ups’, which is present in the ‘Pop-ups’ section.

It must be noted that users who want to select websites to allow and still retain the blocker functionality; must select ‘Manage exceptions’, under the Pop-ups section of Chrome. Instead, users can disable popup blocker by seeking help from SupportMart techies.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Can Asus ROG G751JM Fulfill Your Gaming Needs?
Really, computers have almost altered the way people play games these days and Asus contributes a lot to this. The computer manufacturer stands top on the list when it comes to equipping people with gaming laptops. In addition, to be able to exploit all the characteristics of the product the developer Company provides Asus product support through email, chat and phone call.

However, the first such change came when manual indoor and outdoor games were replaced by ‘video games’ electronic device. Then, it was thought that the video games would exist as forever favorite for children, but it did not last long. The reason was indeed technology and developments that just out did video games, when computer fortified with games installed, entered the market. Moreover, the online games also began to set up its root and not just children, but the elderly also became prey to them.

ASUS ROG G751JM running Windows OS, is just the gaming laptop by Asus that’s composed of TurboMaster overclocking. It has been designed to get users into the game. It renders users with the benefit of awesome gaming performance. The machine is geared up for incredible gaming experience.

Moreover, it provides realistic and immersive sound for gaming purpose. Again, with WebStorage feature all stuffs such as work documents, images, and other multimedia files can be stored safely on the machine. Above all, ROG gaming accessories are also provided with the ROG G751JM gaming machine.

Undoubtedly, gaming experience on the Asus ROG is marvelous, provided technical problems have not crept in. In case any tribulations are encountered users must definitely avail Asus product support from professionals, preferably SupportMart that has a team of expert technicians. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Get Help for Samsung SCX-3206W for Printer Support call SupportMart at 1-800-793-7521
The latest Samsung SCX-3206W Multifunction Wi-Fi printer offers convenience, multi-tasking, fast accurate printing of documents and images with sharpness and high resolution. The print screen is a handy feature that makes the printing job easy and you can print whatever shows on your printer screen given on the right side of the printer. 

The printer has an amazing feature called one touch eco-print button that helps in saving the paper while default toner mode provides you the option to do economical yet good quality printing saving toner. The printer has multiple features that come in handy for small and big businesses, these features are scan, copy and print. 

Printing documents was never easy like this before. All you need to do is give the print command for the documents that your see on the display screen. All it takes is one touch, you do not need to worry about the tasks before printing such as cropping, editing, and selecting the content you want to be printed. 

If all you want is a single page then that is what you will get from the printer. The both side printing feature also helps in saving paper by reducing the use of multiple paper sheets and completing the same printing tasks on one paper-sheet. 

The printer made with toughened carbon fiber that makes it durable and smartly designed to save space for other objects and things that can be put around. Overall the printer fulfills all the requirements for home use, small and medium business. The printer requires regular maintenance scheduled as per the manufacturers recommendations. 

However lack of the same can lead to tune up problems and technical problems. Avoid this with expert help from professionals working at SupportMart Technical Services, call Samsung Printer Support Number 1-800-793-7521.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Norton Internet Security Keeps You Protected, Safe & Secure On the Go
Norton internet Security is one of the most sought after programs designed to provide complete security from the lethal and dreadful internet-based threats and attacks. The latest edition of the internet security software provides reliable protection against all online and offline threats that can infiltrate and infect the personal computer and cause harm to the system.

The strong security mechanism and features integrated with the security software makes it an ultimate choice to combat and fend off the cyber security threats. Now surf the internet with peace and ease of mind, the security software keeps you safe while you surf the internet. Now do online shopping, and bank online in a secure environment that allows you to keep your important financial information discreet and to yourself.

There are many social media frauds that happen scheming to dupe the internet surfers into divulging personal and private information online. The security features of the software work proactively while online and warns the licensed user against harmful and dubious social media frauds and content. The antivirus scan engine is robust and designed to provide an effective, nonstop and powerful protection against all types of cyber-security threats.

The security software blocks dangerous download from happening by providing accurate details collected from the feedback from other users all over the world. The tune up feature of the internet security software provides fast-paced computer performance that allows the end users to get quick startup and boosts personal computer performance. The firewall feature of the internet security software is excellent and made with the strongest security systems integrated to provide a robust defense against online intrusions. It monitors the incoming traffic, outgoing traffic and behavior of installed applications and software while the PC is online.

Overall, the latest edition of the Norton Internet security is the most sought after and powerful PC protection suite for offline and online threats and attacks. Sometimes the security software can develop technical trouble; in that case, please contact trained and experienced professionals for technical support working at SupportMart. Dial the Norton Internet Security Support : 1-800-793-7521.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lexmark MS310/410 Series a Perfect Fit for the Small and Medium Businesses
The latest range of Lexmark MS310/410 printers is designed to deliver top-grade performance, usability and security that meet the needs of both small and medium level enterprises. The printer is made with the toughened carbon fiber chassis that makes it durable and safe to withstand rough and tough work environment. Equipped with the latest printing technology that delivers low-cost enterprise level printing solutions.
In addition, the printer is ergonomically-designed that helps in saving space and deliver printing solutions in a compact design. The printer delivers 7200 pages per month and the latest technology used in the printer makes it user-friendly and enjoy fewer maintenance tasks required to keep it fine-tuned.
The 2.0-inch color LCD display panel keeps the end-user informed about the number of printing tasks scheduled, their status, and the device information.

Lexmark has given latest wireless connectivity option in the printer. The users can now give print commands via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and print their documents anytime anywhere. There are different models in the series that provide a massive local storage ranging between 100MB to 200MB.

The printer has all the features the end user would expect that helps in delivering top quality prints both in color and in grayscale on time, fast and accurately.

The both side printing option in the printer is also an eco-friendly solution that helps in saving the paper and the printing cost to the business. Overall, the Lexmark MS310/410 series printers have many useful and good options that provide enterprise level benefits for printing jobs.

The printer requires routine and schedules maintenance to keep it working fine and deliver optimal results. If you confront any tech issues on the normal use of the Lexmark MS310/410 series printers then contact SupportMart for Lexmark Printer Technical Support at 1-800-793-7521.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android the Most Reliable and Trusted Security Brand
Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is an ultimate security package that protects the end users identity, devices and information or data stored on them. The android powered devices such as Smartphone and tablets are widely used all over the world. People using these devices share the information or data pertaining to the business or personal life. They do such tasks by using applications that connect to the internet. It is important to protect such information or data and shield the devices against cyber security attacks and threats. These devices are as vulnerable as the computer devices against different types of internet-based threats.

The advent of compact mobile devices, which can facilitate exchange and sharing their different type of data and information via internet, has provided faster mobility to the end users. It is easy to lose the track of these portable devices such as mobile phones and tablet devices; this can land the end-user in a spot of bother. The risk of sensitive information falling into wrong hands is even greater. The latest edition of the Kaspersky Internet Security for Android devices designed to provide anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-theft protection.

Now you can keep the data and information secured with the latest:-

Anti-Malware Protection: This includes the latest android antivirus technology developed by the Kaspersky labs.

Web-Protection: Defend yourself and your device against internet-based attacks, spam emails, and phishing websites.

Anti-Theft Protection: The Anti-Theft Protection of the mobile device is a helpful and effective feature, the remote access in case of loss of the mobile phone provides.

Privacy Protection: Bethe boss of your own device and decide what others can see on your mobile device when they pick it up.

Call & Text Filter: Filter your Calls and text messages using call and text feature.

Overall, the security software app has many useful features. If you are a user of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, then in case of any technical problems contact SupportMart and get professional help. Dial Kaspersky Technical Support Number 1-800-793-7521 now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Erasing Google Chrome Errors the SupportMart Way
Google Chrome is a web browser application built-in for browsing with speed, security and simplicity. These, however, are the main factors in making a web browser one of the most sought after applications. The platform is the result of mainly Chromium open source project and a few other open source software applications. At maximum times, it functions well, but there are occasions, though not frequent, when problems arise in it while browsing. This in turn affects the speed, ease and/or protection capabilities of the browser and makes web-browsing activity a messy situation. And undoubtedly, a phone call at Google chrome support phone number may do wonders in eradicating terrible scenarios encountered with Chrome.

A damage that can strike Chrome is that undesired pop-ups without cross mark, i.e. without the option to close them out, can get received and/or home page might alter. The cause of such a frustrating scenario is undesired program installed and configured on the computer. Another damage that can be seen in the Chrome is, errors popping up with messages such as ‘This webpage is not available’ (Network errors 2, 101, 102, 104, 105 and 324). This very error message is displayed when Chrome fails to locate and load the requested website. There exist several other issues that can strike Google’s browsing application, Chrome.

Whatever be the issue or corruption caused, one streamlined way to get all of them fixed is calling at SupportMart’s  Google Chrome support phone number : (800) 793 7521 and seeking assistance.

Monday, May 11, 2015

How to Resolve ‘Lenovo Reach’ Problem in Lenovo IdeaPad N series?
The IdeaPad N series Lenovo laptops are amongst those that have indeed made Lenovo stand on the top in the list of computer performance. But this does not signify that no technical problems are encountered in it. Undoubtedly, issues are faced on it too, that makes working with them a bit difficult.

At times, the subseries N 580, N 581, N 585, N 586 of the IdeaPad laptops is that after the installation of Lenovo Reach 1.0, the application does not start even after giving a number of clicks. And this is because of the delay in loading the server configuration. Moreover, the above mentioned glitch is not just present in the Idea laptops, but also desktops that have either of MS Windows operating system installed on them: XP, 7, 8 and 8.1. To do away with them, Lenovo technical support might be required.

Manual Fix for Error Faced with Lenovo IdeaPad N series

The workaround for the above discussed technical problem is to redesign the server configuration loading in Lenovo Reach 2.0 application. But is it really possible for a normal daily PC user to carry out the workaround so simply? It seems really a difficult thing to understand about servers and other technical terms. Dealing with them to resolve glitches is far beyond reach.

Thence, users who encounter such a trouble should not get themselves involved. But certainly, must take assistance of experts who are quite used to Lenovo branded computers. When the choice of Lenovo technical support gets confusing, none but SupportMart executives should be reached out for help.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Sony Computer Comes with VAIO Care Program to Deliver Apt Performance
Keeping Sony VAIO computers at its best is really a tough task as it requires regular checkup and routine maintenance of its hardware parts as well as software applications. However, to make the task easier the leading computer manufacturer Sony has created the VAIO Care program. This initiative has been launched as to make the process of maintaining computers in functional mode for a longer period of time easy and simple. Also, the Care program has the ability to maintain and improve PC’s performance.

The functionalities provided by the program are indeed many; such as it can monitor the performance automatically and regularly without users having to manually start the process. After monitoring it generates a health report showing the status of the computers. It can also troubleshoot performance issues. In addition, it renders access to the simple diagnostic utilities. Option to have access to the Internet is also available so as to keep the program updated. It also connects users to valuable services that provide support for problem free computing.

Along with the tools and reports, the VAIO Care features are intended to increase the regular care and maintenance that VAIO needs with the help of following:

•    Routine backups of stored data for securing locations.
•    New easy and simple user interface for easy completion of transaction.
•    Iolo technology powered premium tools for maximizing PC performance.
•  Appropriately configured anti malware tools such as antivirus, firewall, antispyware and other interconnected security utilities.

However, if any help is required in using them, users can definitely call at SupportMart’s SONY tech support number : (800) 793 7521.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

HP Technical Support to Resolve Accessibility Issues in Windows 7

HP has a number of computing devices in its line of products ranging from Compaq Armada Notebook PCs to Classmate Notebook PC. Its products have collected mixed reactions, both good and bad, from users worldwide that are employed in different working sectors. While its Compaq Armada 110 Notebook PC series has not been affected by any top issue its Classmate Notebook PC has been reported with a few. 

The one being that the AC power cord of the particular type of machines were shipped with a certain degree of fault, which caused overheating and might have resulted in hazardous blasts. The other is the difficulty in making use of accessibility options in Windows version 7 of HP PCs. While the whole-sole resolution of the former issue is the replacement of the power cord from the manufacturer, the second issue can definitely be resolved with HP technical support service. 

Windows version 7 offers a lot of accessibility utilities to customers so as to customize computers, according to their needs and requirements. However, the customization process is indeed tough, although post customization computers become easy and simple to use. Getting familiarized with Ease of Access Center is the first and foremost step for the same. This is because it is the central location wherein users can make alterations in the accessibility choices to turn computers into easy to hear, see and use devices. 

Nevertheless, the other way out is to avail HP technical support from a simple but proficient technical service provider. And SupportMart fits the requirements to the fullest as it owns Microsoft certified technicians, those who are expert at handling all issues pertaining to Windows OS and HP desktops and Notebooks. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What to Set Epson Stylus Pro 4800 as Default Printer for Printing Solutions?
It is quite a possible situation that your newly bought and configured Epson printer Stylus Pro 4800 has not been set as the default printing device and that’s why it’s not printing anything when you press Ctrl + P keys simultaneously to print a document. If you are an expert handling technical deviance then it might be possible for you to setup the Epson printer as default printing device. But if not, then obviously Epson printer technical support service might be your necessity so as to be able to print documents directly, without having to change the selected device. Nevertheless, if users want to give a try then they can for sure carry out the below mentioned steps.

Note - The drivers of the Epson printer must be installed if not done yet. Thereafter, steps given below must be executed in sequential order; undoubtedly, the process varies based on the operating system as well as its versions.

For Windows XP operating system, what users need to do at first is going to the famous Start button and then Printer and Faxes. Thereafter, a right click must be given at EPSON Stylus Pro 4800. Finally, the option Set as Default Printer must be selected and window closed. On the other hand, for Windows 2000 after visiting the Start button, Settings must be pointed followed by selection of Printers tab. The rest two steps remain the same as for Win XP. Whereas for Mac OS X, it must be ensured that the drivers of the Stylus Pro 4800 is accurately added to the Printer Setup utility (for Mac OS X 10.3), and the right one is selected in the Printer Setup application.

The above stated solution is 100 percent effective in resolving Epson printer problem of not being preset as the default printing device. However, to get things done in limited time affected users can surely avail Epson printer technical support from SupportMart as it provides service to third party printer brands including Epson. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mozilla Firefox Browser Widely Used Worldwide Due to Its Security and Flexibility
Firefox browser is a widely used browser application worldwide due to its security and flexibility features for web surfers. The browser program is compatible with multiple operating systems, such as MAC, Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 8, 7) and Linux, etc. The latest version of the browser comes with the new design with the best-looking browser interface. The new look has a smooth appearance that somewhat also resembles Chrome. The search box kept separate from the address box, this helps in keeping the end-users online privacy protected. Usually, the single search box keeps the collects all the online activity and search related details and sends the same to the search provider.

The New-Tab Page feature of the Firefox Browser has finally caught up in use and features like other browsers. The tiles feature displays the most frequently visited websites. The default Start page in Firefox offers another unique feature that allows the end-user to get access to the recently closed tabs. In addition, the startup page has big buttons for downloads, settings, and bookmarks. The browser program has a three-dash menu, when clicked it gives a drop down of the menu with options such as icons for add-ons, settings, and more. The overall presentation and design are very clean and presentable.

The Firefox browsers are traditionally famous for their customizable feature that makes the browser a stand apart from the list of regular and conventional browsers. The customize feature allows you to make changes in the browser buttons in the toolbar or the panel, next to the search bar. If you do not want, the title bar on top of the browser and want the tab feature to occupy that place, in the latest edition of the Mozilla Firefox browser you can do the same.

Overall, the browser has numerous features that add value to its usability and popularity. The Firefox browser program has multiple features that provide the end-user flexibility and security for their online internet surfing activities. If you face any technical difficulties in the normal use of the browser application then for professional and expert help contact SupportMart and get help from the trained and certified experts at Mozilla Firefox Tech Support Phone Number: 1-800-793-7521.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Avast Customer Support for Tackling Its Incompatibility Issue with Windows
As per the official release of Avast antivirus 2015 and the latest releases of Windows like as 8 and 8.1, the anti malware program has compatibility with both the latest editions. And so the tools can be installed and configured on PC of any brand that has Windows installed on it, no matter whether it is Win 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP. Once configured and active they promise to render the apt protection without interruptions or any other troubling issue.

Nevertheless, a few users might experience problematic issues with Avast 2015 antivirus running on their computer with latest Windows release installed on it. Resolving technical issues associated with Avast and Windows shall require nothing less than reaching out to professional executives by calling at Avast customer service phone number with good record of delivering assistance.

The four critical issues faced with Avast having been installed on Windows latest versions are Action Center pop-ups, blank/black screen error, impossible Avast uninstall and process trust error at the time of installation itself. However, the simple and general advice for avoiding the compatibility problems between MS Windows OS and Avast 2015 antivirus is to keep both of them upgraded to the latest releases.

But the chief problem is that this suggestion of keeping things upgraded, fails to get issues and errors fixed. Therefore, people struck with the herein discussed grievances can contact executives of SupportMart by dialing at its Avast customer service phone number : (800) 793 7521.