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Friday, January 30, 2015

Lexmark C510 Series Enters the Rapidly Growing $1000.00 Color LaserJet Printer Market @ call 1-800-793-7521

Lexmark C510 series enters the rapidly growing $1000.00 color LaserJet printer market. The demand of budget printers that come within the budget of $1000.00 has increased many folds. The latest C510 series has a lot to offer to its clients. The printer is a ColorJet laser printer that is a perfect fit for the home users and small office users. Known for its high quality print qualities the printer delivers fast print outs with sharpness and accuracy for both color and monochrome printing. The printer comes with a 250-sheet paper tray and a processor that is 500MHz, internal memory of 128 MB and it has USB port connectivity. In addition, there is an Ethernet connectivity that is a 10/100 network adapter, there are sufficient features that makes the printer the top-choice for midsize business and home use.
The color cartridge comes within the budget of $99.00 and gives printouts of 3000 pages. In addition, the users have an opportunity to buy the cartridge that delivers 6600 printouts it comes for a modest price tag of $176.00. The printer designed smartly and it occupies less space compared to other printers in its segment. Lexmark has made the C510 printer series with durable material. Overall, the printer has multiple features that make the top-choice for home users and midsize businesses. These features help in getting professional like print quality and the users get eco-friendly solution such as energy-efficient printers and both side printing that helps in saving valuable paper and energy.

It is important for the Lexmark C510 printer users to do the routine maintenance of the printer that helps in getting normal performance from the printer. In addition, the routine maintenance helps in avoiding technical errors that might surface later on. If you are facing any technical errors concerning your Lexmark C510 printer then contact us for help at Lexmark Printer Technical Support.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

BullGuard Premium Protection Offers More than Expected @ call 1-800-793-7521

The online attacks from various internet-based threats have gradually increased many folds. In such a scenario, it is important to have an efficient and reliable software security system. BullGuard is a brand name famous for providing robust and effective cyber security systems to business clients and home users. The latest product launched by the company is the BullGuard Premium Protection that offers more than expected. The tools used in the security software work in tandem to prevent any type of internet based threats from reaching the computer and avoid the theft of information, online fraud and malware infection. Premium Protection has as better antivirus scan-engine compared to its competitors. BullGuard has added three more components to the mix such as identity protection, social media, and extra online space. The interface of the BullGuard Premium Protections very simple and easy to operate, the slim panel of the user interface has four big icons Status, Scan, Backup and Premium. There are other useful features on the dashboard of the interface such as Firewall and PC Tune-Up these features help in keeping the computer safe and secure working fine without any technical errors. 

If you are looking for an Anti-Spam, Antivirus, & Parental Control in one package with Firewall and PC Tune-Up features. BullGuard Premium Protection offers you the same and more. Now enjoy comprehensive protection offered by a powerful security suite. However, in case of any tech-problems please contact us at Bullguard Technical Support Number.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Dell LaserJet Printers Storm the Market with Professional Quality Print Results @call 1-800-793-7521

Dell is a brand name synonym for top quality electronic products made with precision, latest technology and high-standards. The latest series of LaserJet printers are ergonomically designed and saves a lot of space. In addition, the printer uses the latest technology to give the maximum output of print jobs. The printer has eco-friendly solution for the print jobs; you can now order both side printouts and utilize the paper space to its best avoiding un-necessary use of paper.

The printers are recognized as energy-efficient printers that consume less energy in completing their tasks. Dell LaserJet printers are do not make loud sounds while delivering printouts and they maintain the lowest decimal of sound compared to other printers in the market. Overall, the printer is the best choice for home users and small office users. In case you are facing any technical-problems, please contact us at Dell Printer Tech Support Number

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Avast Premier Antivirus 2015 Fights Malware Menace Protecting Its User Call @ 1-800-793-7521

Avast Premier Antivirus 2015 is the latest and the ultimate PC security software for the home users. The antivirus software has several features because of well-researched and designed, robust technology integrated to provide effective and solid protections against internet based attacks. Malware threats are on a high-rise in a past decade the malware threat generally is released on the internet by profit motivated negative influences. They want to steal confidential data and make money from it or damage the same to cause instability. Various security agencies dedicated towards combating this menace with developing more robust and effective cyber security solutions.

Threats like virus, adware, spyware, Trojans are also on a high-rise. These threats are just means to an end for the negative influences that might be politically motivated or self-motivated for making profit by stealing valuable information.

The anti-malware feature of the Avast Antivirus is known for its performance against all existing and new malware threats that constantly keep on threatening information and data protection. If the users have multiple devices that are internet enabled and need security against all cases of the cyberspace attacks, then Avast Antivirus offers effective, fair and robust security. The antivirus has a well-designed and solid scan-engine that performs thorough scans in-depth to find out if any threat persists or not.

It is a multi-layered and multi-function security application. Overall, the antivirus works fine and effectively providing non-stop real-time protection in the background against all forms of cyber threats on the internet. If you are facing any technical problems, in the normal functions of your antivirus software then immediate contact Avast Customer Service Phone Number and receive help from the cultivated and experienced specialist.

Epson Expression Home XP-410 an Efficient Small All-In-One Printer –call @ 1-800-793-7521

Home printers have become more competitive in doing multiple tasks and gives top quality output. Epson has smartly designed the All-In-One printer that has complete features and options required to meet the user’s needs. The printer connects through wireless connection using the Wi-Fi, using this feature now you can give command for print using your mobile phone, tablet, I Phone and I Pad. Whether you are at home doing some work or on the move simply give the print command and grab your printouts. 

Ever imagined if you can print the borderless images, now get multiple size printouts from Epson by using the memory card and without the use of desktop, laptop etc. One of the best parts of the printer is that the printing cartridges are available in different capacities. This helps in replacing the color cartridge that needs attention. The remarkable print quality that is enterprise level is unbeatable and the best feature of the printer. Moreover, the printer works quietly and does not make the irritating sound. The users can now save lot of paper by doing the manual two-sided print job. The printer is smartly-designed, due to which it saves a lot of space. With such unique features, the printer is arguably the best printing device in its category. 

It is important to perform the maintenance tasks to make sure the printer delivers the optimal performance. If failed then the printer can develop technical problems that can cause trouble in normal working of the Epson Expression Home XP-410 . If you come across any such situation then contact us at Epson Printer Technical Support.