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Thursday, February 27, 2014

With remote desktop, now stay connected with your computers always

The days when you needed to go to your office to access files or some important data from your office PC, have now turned into a thing of the past. All thanks to the remote desktop software, this has emerged as a boon for all and especially for professionals who are mostly on-the-go. This technology has given freedom to access a work computer from any place. So, get out of that 9 to 5 work circle and stay connected with work that matters in your life. From employees to IT support experts, it’s been a revolution for all.

Remotely accessing computers from any place and anytime has ample advantages with a long list to go. Especially beneficial for employees and IT support specialists, it’s been a turnaround for all.

Freedom to access work computer from another computer or device was impossible before, but the remote desktop software has now made it possible. While users can now keep up with their work even from home, the support specialists on the other hand have a magical wand to carry out rectification for clients even being located at a distance. Users on one hand needn't leave their home comfort or address a technician physically; experts too have ample benefits of not visiting their clients’ location personally. It’s thus a win-win advantage that technology has bestowed us with. The essence of this service help users feel that they are sitting in front of their work computer, while in fact they might be at home, coffee shop or at a place that’s located hundreds of mile away from office.

The simple procedure needed to start working efficiently with this software is to download and install the same on both the computers that are to be connected. Once done with this step, the user now has the remote control of remotely accessing their PC and keeping pace with work, even while being at home or anywhere else.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Office Web apps from Microsoft now renamed as “Office Online”, can be found at

Microsoft joining the ‘change bandwagon” rolled out a new announcement for its existing version of Office Web apps, which will take place not anytime later, but today.

Including Apps in the name gets pretty confusing for users, as it’s not something users can install. Also, these cannot be bought from an app store. What’s needed for using these is a web browser. So, what’s it now called, the answer is Office Online!

So, it’s no more Office web Apps from now on, but Office online, where news has officially been churned out at the website

Apps might have made users get confused, but a larger chunk still remains unaware about the online version of Office through SharePoint of OneDrive. But, from now onwards is the dedicated podium for MS office on the Web, covering PowerPoint, Word, Excel and OneNote.

A Microsoft account is still quintessential to get access to the free versions of office and to automatically save files on OneDrive. A slew of Office templates have also been added to the online mix, most of which you might find familiar from the desktop software that exists.

Meanwhile, the app switcher now entails PowerPoint, Excel, Word and OneNote, along with OneDrive and Outlook. It means you are now free from shifting from one application to another.

It’s not the first rebrand from Microsoft recently and it’s just six months after the same lost a court battle with UKs satellite broadcaster, BSkyB, over the use of its name SkyDrive. Microsoft also made an announcement that it’s making a change in OneDrive, which is the cloud-based storage device.

Microsoft meanwhile is looking to lure any previous defectors of Google Docs back on board or is attempting to simply make users aware about the online version and its omnipresence.

Microsoft believes that the new title with “online” will be successful and more accurate in reflecting what Web apps is and was released to fulfill actually.

The easy presence on is another offering that will prompt many more Microsoft users to stagger across the same and conveniently add the URL to their bookmarks.

So, the update details are over here, get back to work, as its time now for the submission of that presentation, you’ve been working on!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

First 100,000 OneDrive users to get 100GB free storage: Microsoft announced today

First 100,000 OneDrive users to get 100GB free storage: Microsoft announced today
The One Drive from Microsoft will now provide a 100 GB extra storage for the first 100,000 users who post rebranding for one full year. This service will be rendered to all those users who are among the first 100,000 people who sign up or register for the OneDrive account, and it a part of the promotion plan that Microsoft shelled out post rebranding of the same. This new extra 100 GB space will be added to the existing OneDrive storage and this can be used by users over a span of one year. Meanwhile, OneDrive has recently been renamed from SkyDrive, which it was addressed as initially.

The release date meanwhile has not been confirmed. Also, for users who wish to get this 100 GB free storage space, need to keep an eye on the latest news released about OneDrive on Twitter.

Also, a spokesperson at Microsoft said that the announcement has been made well in advance to help users get ample time of how they can avail this service by becoming a part of those 100,000 user count, who will be offered this opportunity.

The 100 GB free space will be added to the 7 GB free storage, which is provided by OneDrive automatically to users on signup. Also, there’s a provision of an extra 5GB storage which can be availed by recommending friends. Also, just using the camera backup feature of OneDrive can give access to an addition 3 GB space more.

Meanwhile, the Windows Phone and Tablet users too can use an additional storage space as offered by Microsoft. Users of Surface 2 or Surface 2 Pro Tablet get an additional 200 GB space on OneDrive for not one, but two years. For the existing users of Windows Phones, the company will present an added space to users.

Microsoft renamed or rebranded SkyDrive as OneDrive after losing the trademark lawsuit to a Sky Broadcasting company in UK, which took place in June 2013. Microsoft after losing this case even planned to appeal against the British court, which turned down its appeal, but then changed their mind and decided to focus on the branding of the new brand, which is now known by the name OneDrive.

Microsoft renamed SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro with OneDrive and OneDrive for Business respectively, soon after losing the trademark lawsuit. So, let’s see what this new offering will Microsoft will bring in for the company and its revenue?

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Firefox Launcher for Android to be released shortly by Mozilla

Launchers are applications that are capable of replacing the standard Android home screen with a new display or surface of their own. Mozilla recently announced the release of a new Firefox Launcher exclusively for Android based phones.

This app by Mozilla has been developed in association with the manufacturers of EverythingMe Launcher. EverythingMe makes use of a contextual adaptive search to give users apps that are relevant and provide updated and right information, judged by the location and time of the day.
This Firefox Launcher by Mozilla will present similar functionality blended with the Firefox for Android web browser. If wondering about the release date, then Mozilla has not made any commitment about the same.

Mozilla’s announcement of a new Firefox Launcher for Android is now being awaited by many users out there.  This upcoming Firefox release is anticipated to deliver the best mobile web experience to users all over. The makers aim at offering people a smarter, easier and innovative way to personalize their online experience, while finding a way to meet their needs aptly.

So, until the new app is available for hands-on experience, you can keep reading new features and sneak-peaks about this from Mozilla.

Mozilla is a renowned firm that has known to present users with appropriate solutions, since inception. Mozilla Firefox support is one such ace service, which has helped customers in building that trust factor with this company.

One company that is regarded to be an ace name on this front is SupportMart. Experts here present dedicated support for Mozilla Firefox, which can be availed anytime and anywhere by simply calling on the Mozilla technical support phone number here.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

You can limit Google from making your “private” information “public”

A stranger following you, every time you leave your home or office, is something that no one of us will ever welcome. Someone who does it daily is Google, in fact we permit Google to do it every single day. What lures you into this are the free services and an easily accessible web feature. Google, meanwhile, has never hidden this fact and it’s clearly mentioned in the privacy policy. The question is how many of us have actually read this policy before accepting it?
Wondering what all Google can know? Answer is your location via GPS, other information through your phone logs. So, if you wish to hide your personal information from Google, here are some steps which can help you do so, easily.
  1. Move to the Google Dashboard, which gives access to all Google Services like Google Plus, YouTube and more, where you can control the privacy level. This helps in limiting the amount of info shared publically.
  2. Cookies keep accumulating in your PC, and you thus need to clean these regularly. As Google uses them as a unique identifier, to collect information and give advertisers access to your contact info.
  3. VPN aka Virtual Private Network, helps you experience anonymity while surfing the web, which means you can now stay hidden from not just Google, but hackers and others.
  4. Switch to the Incognito or the InPrivate option, which is a secured browsing feature that helps in protecting your privacy over the web. It can be activated in Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer as well.
  5. Download the DoNotTrack app/plug-in without any further delay. This is if you do not have complete trust over the above mentioned app, this tool extends to all tracking tools and puts a check on how your online activity is tracked. In case you did not know, DNT keeps a check on the cookies as well.
  6. A removal request can be made to Google in case you wish to delete any of your info being shared to the world. So, file this request now.
  7. Google Maps is an interesting and useful feature, but we hope you do not wish the world to know where you are? If yes, then remove your house from the Google Maps now. It’s a simple three step process, which can help you do this easily.
  8. Choose what you wish to share on the various social profiles via Google, so, don’t be an open book to the world and make changes now on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others.
  9. Stay away from Google search, we know it may sound absurd and tough, but doing so will help in decreasing the hassle of going public, significantly.
  10. Google+ Chrome combo must be a complete no-no, especially if using this on your phone. If logged in, Google can be unknowingly following you everywhere you go. When on your home PC, at your work computer or any place else.
  11. Avoid adding any details in the first place, to keep away from seeing your info being shared at places you never wish. It’s better to not do it, rather than feel culpable later.
So, here were the top 11 ways by which you can keep your ‘private’ information on Google actually ‘private’, at least to some extent. Also, if you thought it’s just Google collecting your info, then think again, as there are many companies doing the same, secretly!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

The first Chromebook for Toshiba unveiled with 13.3 inch display

Toshiba, giving tough competition to all other competitors in the race, recently released its first ever Chromebook, which is a 13 inch device and is priced at a very reasonable amount. The 13 inch display is great and can give users an easy experience. The high-quality build and the low-price, makes this an attractive deal for users.

The processor Toshiba Chromebook packs is Haswell based Intel Celeron, which is extremely fast. Other things include a 2GB RAM, nine hours of battery life, 16 GB solid-state drive and the Chrome operating system, which is pretty obvious. The laptop also presents entrance to 100GB of Google Drive storage.

The Chromebook is expected to click to both consumers and educators alike, and all those in search of an easy computing experience. The brand believes to have opened up a new productivity for users from covering all; the home, business and education scenario.

The Chromebook weighs just 1.5 kg or 3.3 pounds and is just 0.8 mm thick, making it a machine that can prove extremely portable and easy to carry wherever you go. More from the specs list include two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, a security lock slot and a memory card reader. If thinking about connectivity, it’s presented in two ways, as Wi-Fi and as Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

The Chromebook was a hit at the CES 2014 as well, which emerged as niche in the low-end laptop market. Most brands today are coming up with low-end laptops to meet with the needs of users in the budget category.

The new Chromebook for Toshiba will be available in a time of just one week for users, which can be bought to experience something exquisite, but at a very reasonable price.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

A new Asus Desktop PC, Asus M70 AD with NFC, now makes way for public

Asus, most recently unveiled a new desktop PC in the form of M70AD that touts to be the first ever which comes with built in Near Field Communications or NFC. The liberty to pair with Android-based tablets or smartphones, gives users the freedom to automatically log into their accounts. Asus app, meanwhile, gives users liberty to use the Android device as a touch-screen launcher for Windows 8, and backing up data and photos on the device to the PC turns automatic.

The exquisite features include an in-built UPS that helps in shutting down your PC safely, in case a power failure occurs suddenly. This helps in protecting your data from getting lost. Also, the fast USB charging and Qi wireless inductive plate helps in charging devices, even when the PC has been shut down.

The USM aka Universal Storage Module is hot-swappable, that makes it convenient to use high-capacity external SATA hard drives. The USM interface is about twice as fast as the USB 3.0 and all other USM drives can make use of a simple USB adapter to ensure complete portability.

For a powerful audio experience, the M70AD from Asus packs two sound enhancements. Asus’ own enhancement, Sonic Master Technology, and MaxxAudio from waves, meanwhile, managed to bag a Technical Grammy award.

This latest of Asus products used 4th generation Haswel—based Intel Core processor with integrated Discrete Nvidia GeForce graphics cards or Intel graphics. Also, there’s a 500GB hard drive, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, slim DVD-RW drive and a 16-in-1 card reader. The tower case is created with polished metal finish and aggressive angles.

Also, the M70AD from Asus runs Windows 64bit OS and is equipped with many Asus applications as well. Few include Asus WebStorage, Asus Launcher, Photo Director, Power Director and Music Maker Silver. Also, inside are trial versions of antivirus suites and office.

Taking by the launch details of the Asus M70AD, there has been no word about the monitor or multiple variants with integrated discrete graphics. If worried about the price part, the same can be purchased by spending 62,000 in Indian currency, which is the all-inclusive price tag.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Interesting facts about Facebook: know what you didn’t know till now!

Facebook’s popularity is a well-known truth that needs no explanation. So, on its 10th anniversary of the largest and most popular social network, here are some facts and figures that you must be still unaware about.

Mark Zuckerberg, released Facebook on the 4th of February in 2004. At that time no one knew that this would emerge into a quintessential part of the PC and technology users of today helping them connect, share, socialize and do much more. Facebook’s popularity helped Zuckerberg emerge as the youngest billionaire on globe, with the earnings multiplying faster than you can imagine.

So, here’s wishing this ‘online socializing revolution’- Facebook, a Very Happy Birthday, with facts and figures, some of which are known and still others which you must be unaware about.
  1. The blue color signifies something: It may have gone unnoticed but Facebook’s shades of blue signify something, you know what? It’s because Zuckerberg is color blind and cannot differentiate red-green colors, but can look at blue in the best way. It clearly explains why the Blue as it saves him a lot of time.
  2. Count of Indians on FB has crossed the 8 crore mark: As per a recent research, India with more than 84.9 million users is the second biggest market for Facebook. US however lead this with 146.8 billion users. Meanwhile, official number about users’ stats seemed veiled, but its confirmed that more than 81% users belong to places outside Canada and the US.
  3. Facebook user count is 1.23 billion monthly: The user count for FB is 1.23 billion, which indicates 1/6th of the total population on earth. Also, mobile users have crossed the 945 million count.
  4. Facebook is now a heaven for online advertisers: Facebook is quickly turning into a paradise for online advertisers, where reaching prospects turns much easy and quicker. Recent stats indicate presence of 25 million business pages on FB, with the number improving very quickly.
  5. Peer to Peer file sharing available on FB: The P2P file sharing feature named as Wirehog, was introduced when Facebook was launched, it was a time when reckless file sharing was on its peak. The feature was however banned in 2006.
  6. Facebook and Al Pacino; how the two are related: In the initial days, the face of Al Pacino was included on the homepage of Facebook. Also, the picture stayed there till 2007 only when the homepage went a facelift.
  7. Do you know what a Poke means: If not, don’t worry as Zuckerberg himself doesn’t know about this and it’s a feature that was added just to add a fun button, which had no specific purpose to fulfill. So, do whatever you like with it as there’s no explanation as to how, why and when…
  8.  Facebook attracts more of adult users: The number of adults on social network, Facebook, is much more now and the number is increasing rapidly. It’s said that about 71% users online, use Facebook, and 84% users in the age group 18-29 use FB and also 45% of users above the age of 65 are members on this platform.
  9. Teens drifting away from Facebook: With the increasing popularity of Snapchat, Facebook is now taking a back seat among teenagers and young users. Stats indicate that compared to 2011, Facebook now has 4 million lesser school goers and 7 million lesser college users.
  10. Facebook member in the family is common: Among people who are active online, but don’t use Facebook. 52% say that someone in the family is a member on Facebook.
So, here are top 10 facts which you didn’t know about Facebook, which we thought of telling you on its 10th anniversary.

‘Will Facebook make to its 20th anniversary’ and ‘what it would look like five years from now’ are questions that can be answered only on the right time, till then keeping enjoying and socializing!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Windows XP, manages to be in the game, even after support withdrawal from Microsoft

Announcement of Windows XP support withdrawal from Microsoft was expected to cause a downfall in its users count significantly, even Microsoft anticipated the same. But, reality showed a different picture, which indicated that the market share for Windows XP in January grew rather than declining, it’s believed on the expense of newest OS from Redmond.

Globally, XP managed to bag a 29.23% share in January 2014, which moved up from 28.98% in December 2013. XP in this race stood second, just behind Windows 7, which bagged 47.49% of the market share, Windows 7 saw a decline from 47.52 percent, seen in December 2013.

XP’s support termination By Microsoft will start on April 8th, this year. But, seeing the number of users who still use XP, Microsoft has promised to extend the updates to its antimalware signatures and engines, for Windows XP till 14th of July, 2015.

Redmond, on the other hand, will want you to start using Windows 8, instead of XP, which in the recent times has emerged as the top 3 operating system with a share of 6.63%. The first update to Windows 8 was released in the form of Windows 8.1, which in January earned a percent of 3.95. It indicated that about 10.37% of PC users are using some version of Windows 8, even 1.5 years after its release, which was in October 2012. This percentage has moved up slightly from where it stood in December, that is 10.5.

Meanwhile, the operating system which is much criticized, Windows Vista grabs 3.3 percent of the market, and has seen a slight decrease from December 2013, when its market share was close to 3.61%. On the other hand, Mac OS X in January bagged close to 3.2%.

The news flowed in just when a new update about the Windows 8.1 operating system is to be released soon.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kaspersky says Facebook wishes to read SMSs and other confidential info of users

A leading security brand, Kaspersky, recently said that Facebook, the leading social network, has easy access to the confidential information about users, including the multimedia and text messages through the mobile app.

The Social Network Giant, Facebook, according to Kaspersky can easily access the sensitive information about users and their personal text messages, by the use of the Android mobile platform.
Since past few days, there have been constant scrutinies over Facebook having access to the SMSs of users. This feature has been embedded in the latest Android app by Facebook that has become a matter of concern for some users.

Facebook provides a two-factor authentication, which ensures added security, thus it’s good of Facebook presenting users with this alternative. It’s thus recommended that users before installing any new app for the first time must carefully check about the permissions same is requesting, most experts at Kaspersky and other security companies suggest this measure to users.

When installing the Android mobile phone app for Facebook, the same asks users to allow permission to Read the Text Messages, including the MMS as well as the SMS.

Facebook, on the other hand says, that if a user adds a phone number to their account, this gives them the permission to automatically confirm the user’s phone number by finding the confirmation code, which is send in the form of a text message.

Kaspersky raised concerns about the word “automatic”, which is used in the permission that is asked for by Facebook. The chief concern lies in the word, ‘automatically’. Facebook must do something about this permission and must ask users to manually update the same, rather than doing this on its own.

Facebook turned 10 on 4th Feb 2014 and it recently announced the quarterly results too. Considering the mobile phone users, Facebook in the last quarter saw a significant increase in the same. The company said to have seen a 39% increase from the last year and now the monthly active user count on mobile for Facebook has reached the 945 million count. Also, it’s been shown that about 296 million Facebook users use their cell phones only, instead of the PC, to access their Facebook accounts.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Words You Should Never Use As Your Passwords

Passwords, the words that are believed to add safety to the many tasks we do, are vulnerable to insecurities too. A new study has revealed that passwords aren’t too secured. Whenever a hacker tries to hack an account, they always try passwords, which you think are rather difficult to guess. It’s not due to the common passwords that users share, but the similar habits, which make it easier for hackers to crack passwords and enter systems, which are otherwise considered too secured. So, let us see what are the most common habits we follow, when choosing a password for our email account, banking login and when accessing other such websites.
  1. Pet names are a very common word, most of us use, as these are easy to remember.
  2. Important dates of our life are another popular password choice, which entails birthdays, anniversaries and other such dates.
  3. The name of your child, or some other family members’ name and also your nick name are choices that appear very popular.
  4. A favorite place or the birth place of you can also be a common choice for passwords.
  5. In fact, the word ‘password’ itself is used by many as their password.
From the above mentioned list, except password no word is actually a password. We often believe these words are difficult to track, but when entering your account these are the information hackers most commonly insert. All this information can be easily acquired from your social networking accounts, obviously your child’s name, pet’s name, birthday, anniversary, birth place, holiday spot are all mentioned there, so even if you think its private; the information is already public.

Using all this information is not always wrong and guessable, but the incidences are surely high. The other things that can lead to password thefts are our habits. The habit of sharing our passwords with our friends, colleagues and other people is often an easy way of inviting that uninvited trouble of account hacking. Additionally, many people have the habit of writing down the password on a sticky note and pasting it close to the workstation, it’s specially seen among people who have the habit of not memorizing things a lot. Instead of writing it on a sticky note, it’s advised to write it in your cell phone or a more secured place to avoid your password going publicly known.

What should be used then?
This is the most obvious question that might have popped in your mind after reading the above text. The answer is use a strong password, which is a combination of numbers, letters, but not a name followed by an important date of your life. Using passwords that are not related to you or your family is adapting a safer approach.

Always bear in mind, a secured password is the key to online security and you should always encourage people you know to ensure threats and thefts get minimized.

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