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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Solve Function Key Error in Asus Laptop and Print Issue in HP Printer

The Asus laptops are the handful of laptops that deliver the best computing environment, irrespective of the number of given tasks and their heaviness. Backed-up with the latest and advanced hardware specifications they never fail to deliver the right absolute results while using minimal resources. Due to their economical price, good robust performance, and various range and models, the Asus laptops have generated a huge user base around the globe.
Usually, the Asus laptop performs well. But it is also true that over the time of use, various issues or errors pop-up in Asus laptop. One of the commonly reported issues with Asus laptop is the Function key doesn’t work. Users often get this message that states, “Can’t Open ACPI ATK0100 kernel Mode Driver” followed by “You have to install ATK0100 driver”, related to the use of Function key.

As the message says, the issue is with your ATK package, and simply repairing it can resolve the issue. You can find the ATK package in the ‘Program and Features’ section of ‘Control Panel’. Once you find the ATK package all you have to do is right-click on it and choose ‘Repair’ option. The issue should get fixed. However, if the issue still remains there, then, availing experts’ Asus support is the best thing to do. This way you can get the issues resolved in the fastest, easiest, and reliable way.
Coming to fixing the printing issues with HP Printers, if your print job often gets stuck in your HP printer and the print never comes out, then that simply means that all is not good with the printer. The issues could be in printing communications occurring because of connectivity problems. There could be some missing or incompatible software parts that are causing problems in printing. 

What HP suggests you to do at this point is, download and run the HP utility called “HP Print and Scan Doctor”. This little utility can fix many of the common problems in your HP printer. Simply use it to troubleshoot and in some cases directly fix the problems. But, it is necessary that you are logged-in with Administrator account or have the administrative rights, because the rights are necessary to run the utility.
On finding the missing or incompatible software parts, the HP Print and Scan Doctor will offer you to uninstall current parts, so that a following reinstall can execute successfully. The whole process of uninstalling and reinstalling usually resolves printing issues.

Also, if in case you are using a networked printer, then, then the network related connectivity issues may be the reasons behind incomplete printing. You can use the HP Print and Scan Doctor to check and resolve the network related issues as well. 

However, if you are still facing issues with your HP printer, then reaching the various tech support companies is always advised. Companies like SupportMart are good option to choose on this regard. Containing them not only assures that the issues are resolved, but also that the resolutions are effective and reliable.

The bottom-line is though the HP printer and Asus laptops are among the best in their domains. But over the course of their use, they may get problems and errors. This is a common thing; no product is completely error free. However, it is necessary for the users to use them well and get connected to experts to avail their effective HP printer support or other technical support, whenever needed

What Is The Use Of Google Chrome Remote Desktop?

Google Chrome is among top popular web browser software and, according to many, like w3schools and Adobe Digital Index, Google Chrome is the top most used web browser. The reasons behind Google Chrome being so favored by many of the users around the world is, it is clean, fast, easy to operate, and secure. Plus one more big reason for millions of users to use Chrome is it supports multiple third party as well as Google made Chrome extensions, which simply increases Chrome functionality. 

Among thousands of Chrome extensions, there is one very handy Chrome extension from Google itself, called Chrome Remote Desktop. As the name suggests, the Chrome Remote Desktop is a Google Chrome extension which is used to establish a remote session among multiple computers and then control or share the activities between connected computers. This extension is fully cross platform. That means you can use this Chrome extension between Windows, OS X, and Linux based computers without any problems.
The only requisite is all connected computers need to have Google Chrome, Chrome Remote Desktop, a Google account, and internet connection. Using these all you can establish a connection between desired computers and then have access or share the activities between connected computers. This extension can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store. Meanwhile if you come across with some problems while using this extension then dial the Google Chrome support phone number and avail the expert support. 

Meanwhile, though Google Chrome is secure, but it alone is not enough to ensure complete security of the data. Installing a good internet security software and antivirus software is quite necessary. There are many antivirus brands out there. Kaspersky solutions are also good software to choose at this front. They are reliable, easy, fast, can be modified as per your needs, and the good part is the Kasperskytech support is all time available. Simply avail the support provided by good companies like SupportMart, whenever you need it and, keep the data, PC, and identity protected.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Easy Ways to Solve the Restarting Problem in Acer Computers

The Acer computers, especially the Acer 6920G computers, over the period of their use, can develop a problem with restating them in safe mode. The Acer 6920G is quite an old model now, and users often get freezing and random restart problems. Some of the automatic restarts occur within less than 1 minute timeframe. So if you are facing this similar random restart problem, then following are some easy ways to solve the restart problem in your Acer laptop.

First of all check the cooling pan of the processor and see if the fans have any dust build-up. If there’s dust, then clean it out. Take care while doing this. Then try to power-up your Acer laptop and, check your heat sink if it is working properly or not and, also if it is clogged with dust or not. If you find dust, then clean it off again. If the problem still remains there, then check the cables and card connections. Unplug and then re-plug each cable and data transfer ribbon cable. You may also like to do the same with your RAM. Then restart the computer. If all of these don’t make any change, then there may be some hardware failure. Reaching the expert technicians and availing their Acer technical support is the best thing to do to fix the Acer laptop issues. Because, doing hardware changes by yourself might make things bad in place of correcting them.

Meanwhile if you are looking for a good printer other than HP, then the Epson printers are one of the best alternatives. The economical range, good performance, better print outputs, and multiple robust features are the attributes of Epson printers that give them an edge over the competitors. However, like every other printer the Epson printers may also create issues. But the good thing is the Epson printersupport is available all the time. There are multiple sources of support for Epson, but only a few are good. SupportMart is among the few good and legitimate ones, which is recognized for its quick, easy, and effective Epson resolutions.

Routing AOL Mails to Gmail and Keeping Them Protected From Attacks

AOL mail, once dominated the world of email servicing. Millions of users throughout the globe still have and use their AOL mail account. They regularly get emails in their AOL account. But as the users are now shifting to other popular email services, like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook etc. So the AOL mail is now quite cumbersome for some people. However there is a way that will save you from the time that is wasted in opening the AOL mail account every time. In AOL mail, you can route the emails that you get in your AOL mail account to other email services.

In order to route the emails of AOL to Gmail, all you have to do is login to AOL mail and go inside the Settings option. Once you are there select General Settings and choose Forwarding. You’ll get an option ‘Forward a copy of incoming mail to’, under this option, type your Gmail address and then save the changes. Pronto! You are all done. However, if you have some doubts or got issues regarding AOL mail then dialing AOL technical support phone number is a good thing to do. Meanwhile the technique mentioned above is just an email forwarding technique and you’ll get the email in both email accounts.
Now, to protect your email accounts and online data, you could use good and reliable internet security software. Kaspersky internet security is one good option to choose. Installing and enabling it will provide you always-on protection shield from all online attacks. Kaspersky internet security can scan and filter the emails. Plus it will also scan the attached files before downloading them.

The Kaspersky internet security is a reliable and strong internet protection tool and gives the optimal performance. However over the course of use, you may also get some issues with the solution. Simply contacting and availing Kaspersky technical support of good and legitimate companies like SupportMart is an easy solution for all the Kaspersky related problems. Kaspersky is a well known data security company and its products are well tested, as well as well trusted. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bitdefender Strengthens Its Mobile Security & Antivirus App for Android

With the recent update of its award winning mobile security app, the Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus App for Android devices, the company enhanced the app making it more secured and reliable. The company added a new module called App Lock, which gives the owners of the mobile devices to decide who has the access to their installed apps. The device owner can restrict the access to those apps that could be used for spending money, perform unwanted actions, or violate owner’s privacy and security.
"With Bitdefender Mobile Security, we're aiming to prevent the spread of malware, enhance user convenience and, with App Lock, to increase the security of the apps that the device owner has chosen to install," said Bitdefender Chief Security Researcher Catalin Cosoi. "With our latest upgrade, we think we are coming very close to the ideal security solution for Android."  

Simply install the app on your Android devices and keep your data, apps, and device secured. Meanwhile, if you have problems downloading /installing/using the app, then dialing Bitdefendertechnical support number and availing expert help, is the resolution.

You can reach various companies at this front like SupportMart, providing cost-effective, easy, and quick resolutions. Good thing is this that, some of these companies also provide support for other antivirus brands like, Avira, AVG, Norton, BullGuard,  Kaspersky, etc. So if you are lately having troubles using your BullGuard antivirus, then dialing BullGuard Technical Support Number can help you get the resolutions.     

Monday, June 16, 2014

Cheap Laptops Reported: Lenovo Y410p Laptop All Sold Out In Canada

According to, the Lenovo Canada ran out of its Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p laptops, when the company mistakenly listed the price of the laptop as mere as $279, when the real price is $799 and $1,279.00 for US consumers. As a result of this mistake, the laptops were all sold out, with no idea when the new stock will be arriving.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p laptop is aided by 2.4 GHz 4th generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ processor and is shipped with Windows 8/8.1. Other specs of this laptop include: 14.0 inch HD Glossy/Glossy LED Backlit display with integrated camera, NVIDIA GeForce graphics, 8 GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM, up to 1TB HDD storage, Network card, Bluetooth, and 6 cell 62/72 watt hour lithium batteries.


The real price of this Lenovo laptop is still not mentioned in the Lenovo Canada website. It now says ‘SOLD OUT’. For the time now the customers living in Canada have to wait and keep visiting the website if the ‘SOLD OUT’ message is replaced by BUY. Meanwhile the consumers living in other parts of the world can still buy the product; it is a reliable companion for carrying out all the computational tasks. However if there are some problems in Lenovo laptop hampering your work, then it is best that you avail Lenovo technical support from good companies like SupportMart.

Also, it is necessary that you keep your data protected by using a comprehensive antivirus solution like Kaspersky, and keep in touch with experts for quick Kaspersky tech support.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Researcher at Avast Says: Hackers Use Weak Passwords Just Like Us

Hacking has always been thought of as something which is technical and too advanced for normal users. For many of the regular users of PC who use it either to browse internet, connect with friends in social networks, watch videos, save photos and documents etc., hacking is nothing less than rocket science. But according to a researcher at Avast Virus Lab, it is interesting to know that “hackers use weak passwords just like the rest of us”.
A recent post was made in Avast official blog, by Antonin Hyza, researcher at Avast Labs, who found the fact that hackers use weak password. In the post he posted, “I looked at 40,000 samples of hackers’ passwords and found that nearly 2,000 were unique and 1,255 of those were in plain text. Another 346 passwords were easily cracked from MD5 hashes, because they were shorter than 9 characters. That gave me a total of 1,601 passwords and 300 hashes.”          
“About 10% of the passwords were beyond normal capabilities of guessing or cracking. Of those, I found words as long as 75 characters, probably generated by a computer. Some of them were in long sentence form mixed with special characters such as lol don’t try cracking 12 char+. Too bad it was stored in plain text.”
According to Hyza, the passwords used by hackers had a 90 percent chance that they could be a normal password; some with numbers. He also said that there were also some passwords that didn’t used characters from English Keyboard. He also laid out a report showing the percentage values of passwords that used only character or numbers, special characters, and a combination of all. According to the table 58 percent passwords had only ‘a to z’ characters, 9 percent had ‘0 to 9’, and 20 percent had a combination of ‘a to z’ and ‘0 to 9’. Also the average password length is 6 characters.
Meanwhile, attackers using weak passwords have no connection with frequency of attacks. A PC without antivirus and internet protection solutions is still at risk. It is necessary to install comprehensive security solutions, like those of Avast and VIPRE, immediately. Simply install them and keep your data protected. However, if you face issues with them dialing Avast customer service phone number is a thing that you should do.
There few good support companies like SupportMart, which provide reliable and effective antivirus support like VIPRE Antivirus technical support, Norton support, AVG support etc. Reach their experts and avail much needed help.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The First Possible Android Crypto Locker Ransomware Detected

Android/Simplocker could be the first ransomware for Android that actually encrypts files and data of your Android phone and demands a ransom to free your data. Discovered over the weekend, this ransomware was firstly submitted to Virus Total, by Robert Lipovsky, researcher at ESET.
Besides scanning the SD card of your Android devices for images, videos, and documents extensions and then locking them using AES 256-bit encryption algorithm, this ransomware also sends the data of infected Android phone to a command-and-control server, which is hosted on an anonymous Tor network. The data that Android/Simplocker sends also consist of IMEI number, OS version, device model, and product and hardware manufacturers.
On infecting victim’s Android device the ransomware displays message written in Russian demanding a ransom little more than $20. Though the researchers have not yet detected any infections, but that doesn’t lower the risk involved. Using comprehensive Android security app like those of Norton and Kaspersky is a good thing to do. These are tested and all-inclusive security products you can rely on. Simply install them to stay protected, and if problems arise reach experts and avail Kasperskytechnical support .
One good company where you can easily connect to experts is SupportMart. Contact their experts and avail their wide range of support that includes: PC support, Norton InternetSecurity support , OS support, virus removal support etc.
All in all, what is important to learn is that attackers are now shifting towards Android because of the increasing popularity and big user base of Android. Installing good security apps is one necessary thing that every user should do quickly.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Gmail App for Android, First Ever App To Cross 1 Billion Downloads

Google is one of the biggest names in the tech world and the Android platform from the company is the leading OS platform, which is currently ruling the smartphone world. Among Google’s various ranges of services, some pretty well-known services include Google Search, Gmail, Google Plus, and Google Play services etc.
The popular email service from Google ‘Gmail’ has been the most widely used email service worldwide since from almost the last two years, and feels like it will continue to do so. In its winning streak, the Google’s ‘Gmail App for Android’ has become the first-ever standalone app in ‘Google Play’ Store to reach the 1 billion download milestone. The app achieved this milestone in last month and now the download range of the app in Play Store is from 1,000,000,000 to 5,000,000,000.
One big reason for this is that the app comes pre-installed in the Android devices as a part of Google’s licensing. The app is updated automatically when the Android device links to Google Play store.
Gmail is one of the trusted and among the best email services around the world and, this Gmail milestone does shows, how big the number of Gmail users has become. Meanwhile if you have any problems with your Gmail, then it is best to dial Gmailtech support phone number and talk to the experts; doing this can get you quick and effective resolutions.
Good thing is this that there are multiple companies that provide help for various technical issues like support for emails, support for OS, Microsoft Office technical support, support for devices etc. But reaching the good company is what that matters. One ace-leading support company at this front is SupportMart. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bitdefender Warns Users against Online Frauds Related To Pets

Bitdefender, one of the leading security solution vendors, is warning users against a new wave of online frauds which relates to alleged sale or relocation of pets. According to the company, this new fraud campaign is a variation of ‘advance fee’ frauds, where a fake website demands for money from the gullible users for transporting or purchasing pets. In one particular case of such, Bitdefender has spotted a company called Pets Relocation, which is supposedly “the leader in the horse relocation industry”, in an attempt of trying to trick users and steal their money.
Besides this Bitdefender warns users against other fraudulent campaigns which included criminals using phone numbers in the UK or attackers impersonating as law enforcement officer or lawyer etc. It is clear that there is a rise in number and severity of attacks. So it becomes necessary for users to install strong antivirus and internet protection software in their systems. Bitdefender antivirus and Bitdefender internet security are good products to choose in this front. However, if you are getting any problems with these solutions then it is best to avail Bitdefenderonline help or call the experts.
One good company to reach at this front is SupportBuddy. It is best known for its easy and effective support like, Bitdefender help, Sony all in one computer support, and support for other popular antivirus software etc.  
To conclude all, it is necessary for the users to stay attentive while they browse internet or exchange data. The attacks are on the rise, even the long lost attack variants rebounds again. The reported fraud campaign is one example of such.