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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

avast! Mobile Security lets you get worry-free about your mobile’s safety

A data has revealed that 113 smartphones are stolen or lost, every 60 seconds in the U.S. and with the holiday season approaching nearer losing your phone gets even easier. It’s been estimated that the one thing people are most likely to lose during travelling is their mobile phones. As per data, 23% phones are lost at airports, 21.7% at the hotels, and 18% while moving on a public conveyance and 11.5% are left in cars or cabs that are rented.

So, it’s time now you do something about this. Many companies have started offering solutions that can easily cater to the security needs of consumers. Avast too walking as a leading firm on this front has recently unveiled avast! Mobile Security. This security software helps in keeping a strict check on not just the phone’s security, but data loss as well.

It’s like a security alarm for your phone, where you need to insert the diameter, which you wish to set for area covered. In case the phone gets stolen and the person tries to take the phone out of this securely defined zone, the alarm would start buzzing. This will easily help you in catching the thief who was trying to take your phone away from you. Downloading the software is much easy, but as everything that shines is not gold, you might get stuck at some place. So, if wishing to accomplish the download smoothly, contact Avasttechnical support executives, anytime at the toll free number.

Your mobile contains a number of apps and software, so installing this security software might cause surfacing of compatibility issues. Also, it’s not necessary that your phone supports the premier version of avast! Mobile Security, so to find an answer to all this you can easily getin touch with a pro at Avast techsupport, anytime and anywhere.

So, stop worrying about your phone’s security and just concentrate on the preparation for this most awaited time of the year, soon approaching. Leave the worry part on avast! Mobile Security app and just relax.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Beginning of a new mobile age: feasible spectrums for 5G mobile broadband identified by Ofcom

The 4G spectrum was still not accepted fully, when Ofcom decided to come up with the provision of 5G mobile broadband. The experts working on this anticipate the mobile data capacity to increase by about 25% after its release in a span of just few years.
Ofcom meanwhile has identified a number of spectrum bands that are new and can prove good for the future mobile broadband use. Just two on this front are 2.3 and 3.4 GHz bands, which presently are being used by the Ministry of Defense. The 700 MHz is another spectrum, which is in use by the digital terrestrial TV. Also, there are many more such spectrum bands, which are speculated by Ofcom to prove of great help for mobile data in the longer run.
The identified spectrum is believed to be seven times the amount of spectrum released as 4G as per Ofcom. The combination of mobile technology like 5G and the addition of more improved mobile networks are expected to boost the mobile data capacity by about 25 times from the time in between present and the year 2030.
In addition to improved mobile services for users, the 5G spectrum can help in supporting M2M or machine to machine communication, which is a crucial supporter of the ‘internet of things’, just like the online one.
This blend of technology is speculated to bring in great reforms and changes in many areas like healthcare, energy, transport, and agriculture, to begin with. By the end of 2020, it’s expected that about 50 billion devices will become a part of the internet connectivity arena, considering the whole of earth.

This new spectrum is expected to bring in many new inventions for users and is considered to be the future of mobile spectrum. The development of one of the prime digital economies seems to become real with 5G spectrum. Well, all this is currently on-paper and would surely need some time to get materialized. To know how much, just relax and keep waiting!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SupportMart’s Toshiba support number can get all your doubts cleared instantly

Support Plans starts from 99.99$
Support Plans starts from 99.99$
Toshiba, the leading Japanese company involved in manufacturing computers and laptops, is known to bring for its customers new and improved products always. Understanding the features and functionality of the Toshiba computers and laptops that keep getting added to this family is not very easy and requires having some technical expertise. Most average computer users out there lack this expertise and technical knowledge. But, someone who can help are the experts at SupportMart.

Toshiba computer technical support experts at SupportMart can offer support of any kind for any Toshiba machine released till day. From issue resolution, to troubleshooting to offering support while, installing, uninstalling or reinstalling, just name it and you can have it. Just dialing a simple phone number can help you get access to an easy technical support for Toshiba PCs.

The Toshiba laptop support professionals offer support for any make and configuration of laptops in a customized manner. The support is offered over phone and email, where you undertake a troubleshooting by self. Still, for users who wish to keep out of the DIY approach, there’s the remote support for the Toshiba laptops and machines, where experts after taking your permission take remote access of the PC to accomplish distant troubleshooting. When a remote session is going you have the complete authority to terminate the same, whenever you feel this need.

So, if it’s any kind of Toshiba problem that’s affecting your productivity and efficiency at work, turn to the Toshiba support number at SupportMart, which is like the easy answer you've’ve been looking for.

Problems, keeping you from using your Toshiba machine to its full potential can now be uprooted with the ace support at SupportMart, so why worry anymore, call now!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Contact HP online support to get all your HP queries answered in a jiffy

HP, the company Hewlett Packard, enjoys ace fame and always a place on the top, whenever the leading computer manufacturers on the globe get listed. This company with its extensive list of products and gadgets has enticed users a lot and the regularity in bringing up newer, improved products adds to its fan following even more. Tablets, netbooks, computers, printers and many more, the list just keeps going, it’s like you name it and they have it.
What adds more to the popularity and acceptance of HP among masses is the HP online support, which is offered by experts who are well versed with the A to Z of these machines. Experts are happy to help, no matter what the time and location. This service has been welcomed by HP users all over the globe with an amazing support. It’s due to the convenience, comfort and affordability they enjoy that makes it easy to avail support anytime, anywhere and even when there’s just a question and not an issue on your HP machine.
And for all those technical issues and instances, where support from certified technicians seems necessary is the HP technical support phone number. This number helps in getting connected with certified technicians who are trained professionals and capable to resolve issues, no matter how technical or complicated, but while ensuring users feel no trouble.

There are many companies listed as the third party support vendors, but one which like HP enjoys ace fame is what SupportMart is all about. So, get an answer without waiting, for the support offered is instant and easy.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Get satisfactory answer with Dell support technicians at SupportMart

Many-a-times we get stuck in issues linked with computers, this can happen with any machine and at any unknown time. Problems never come with a knock, but when they come, these are enough to make any PC get sick. A sick PC is annoying, as it can harm not just your work, but productivity and is enough to delay that important presentation or data; you’ve been working on since long. What can be done at such times, when your PC is not ready to work, but its working is the only thing you wish?

 The best answer here, especially if it strikes at those odd timings, is to contact a Dell technical support Number . You needn’t go too far as SupportMart is the ideal destination for availing this support simply and most efficiently. The ‘S’ at SupportMart signifies “simple”, while the ‘M’ at Mart signifies “most efficient”. Experts here work around this mantra and never keep out of it, no matter what the kind and intensity of issue.

Even when the issue is too technical, technicians at the Dell technical support desk can help and with an answer that’s ideal and created just keeping your situation in mind. So, don’t let issues in your Dell machine hamper your work, which you’ve wanted to complete so dedicatedly, since days. Switch to the instant and reliable support team at SupportMart and get ready to bag appreciations from your boss at work.

No problem in your Dell machine is too big to be left unsolved, when you are with experts at SupportMart!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to transfer data from your old PC to brand new Windows 8 PC?

How to transfer data from your old PC to brand new Windows 8 PC?

Transferring information from an old computer into a new one can be done by using three ways, which are via a cable, over a network or through a portable drive. It’s on you, which method you choose, the one which contains fewer, simpler steps or another that follows a lengthy series of leaps.
So, if transferring you computers’ information from the old machine to the new one is what you are looking at, here’s the process. This is the simple way to connect two Windows 8 PCs, to accomplish the purpose of data transfer.
  1. To begin with make sure you are signed in as an administrator on your old PC, which is inevitable to copy files. When beginning this process of file transfer make sure the power source is plugged on, as it’s a little heavy on resources and might need battery, a lot of it.
  2. Start the Windows Easy Transfer program on your Windows 8 PC and click ‘next’, when the command appears. Right click on the blank part of the Start screen to launch this program, and when App Bar opens. Click ‘All Apps’ to see all apps that you’re PC has stored. Clicking the Windows Easy Transfer will help in loading the program, which can also be done manually on a touchscreen device. After opening, the “next” button emerges; clicking it would lead you past the introductory screen.
  3. Next you need to decide, what method you wish to choose, which are Easy transfer Cable, External Hard Disk/flash drive or over a network.
Depending on the route you choose for data transfer, below mentioned are the three steps:

  • When using an Easy Transfer Cable, you would need to install this program on your old PC first. Well, if it runs on Windows Vista or XP, the program will assist you in transferring the Easy transfer program in the older computer by a portable drive. Next, the file transfer program is run on both the PCs, cable is connected between the two USB ports. The files that need to be transferred are selected and the “transfer” button is clicked, the copying of files to your Windows 8 PC then progresses and finally finishes the transfer.
  • When transferring over the network, the initial steps remain same and the program walks you through data transfer via using a portable device. The Windows Easy Transfer is run on the old PC and you need to opt for transfer by Network. The six digit key is provided which you must note down. Entering this 6 digit key in the new PC helps in establishing a connection between the two. The files that are to be transferred are selected and after clicking the “transfer” button, the task of copying files to the Windows 8 PC initiates, leading to completion.
  • When using an external hard disk, choose “no”, when asked that you have already copied the files to be transferred to the external hard disk. The program would then ask for installation of Windows Easy Transfer, which you need to choose depending upon the OS your system is using. This program is run on the older PC and the portable drive is plugged in. Next you need to follow the introductory steps of the program, choose “transfer” to external hard disk and select the data to be transferred. After the process of copying data to the portable hard disk finishes, you must unplug this from your old PC and connect the same with your new PC. Then click saved files, transfer and the process of transferring data to your new Windows 8 PC begins.
  • You can now finish this up by confirming that all the data you were intending to transfer has already been transferred to the new PC. The Easy Transfer Cable is then unplugged, which can be used anytime later, if needed.

In case, you opted for a portable hard drive transfer, make sure the same remains attached to your new PC, while you are using the File History backup program. However you can always call SupportMart's Windows 8 Support Number 1 800 793 7521 anytime for instant support.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

‘KitKat plus Nexus 5’: killer combo from Google, now out

Google, the news maker, has now released the Nexus 5 powered with the newest and most awaited version of Android Operating System-‘KitKat’. This is not just great inside, but feels awesome outside too, with a lighter, sleeker and thinner look. Better image processing, enhanced memory management and sophisticated search capabilities are just few of the ace features this new, revamped version of the OS packs.

The highly anticipated Nexus 5 is now out, and is a product from LG that boasts a 5 inch display screen and weighs just 4.59 oz. Overpowering its predecessor in most aspects; this one’s truly the better one. The Snapdragon 800 processor is the one responsible for the great speed this gadget offers.
Also, for those picture lovers is the 8 MP rear camera and the 1.3 MP front camera. Even those shaky hands can no more cause hurdle in clicking those crisper photos, this is due to the optical image stabilization feature the device packs.

Nexus 5 is available for T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T customers. Presented in black or white colors, this comes in 16 GB or 32 GB versions. This bigger, bolder device just takes forward our idea of using technology at its best.

This one’s a cover for the poor publicity of the Moto X. KitKat combined with Google+, a great combo, has helped in shifting conversation with customers, which from storage and backup is now moving to remixing that can help users narrate newer stories with ease.

KitKat: the bigger picture
KitKat, the latest from the family of operating systems from Android, has managed to create a rage even before its release. This OS believes in turning complicated things into simpler, search using voice helps in accomplishing complex searches in an easier and natural way. Identifying misidentified voice phrases again turns easier with this tool handy.

Also, it gives you more than you ask for (a pretty unbelievable fact though!). For example, if you ask for lunch spots located nearby, this will prompt you to go ahead and make the reservation at one you shortlisted. Also, if searching for amusement parks in a location, you can know the opening and closing time as well.
Hangout and SMS messages have been clubbed in one place, making it pretty simple for you to chat, view or video call or text your friends and family to stay in touch with all those who matter in your life.

Kitkat: the one for all OS
Better memory management, which can help in covering for the continuous bad publicity about fragmentation issues Android presents, might prove a boon for Google. The search engine leader can now rule the upcoming market of smartphones in the lower-end category.

The bottom line is that although a popular OS from Android, but there’s nothing killer about this app. The final question that rises now is that how long it will take for the partners of Google to roll this into the other range of existing devices. Well, that’s something only time can tell! So, keep waiting and keep coming back.


Google plans to secure saved passwords on Chrome

Web browser mechanisms have remained as long as there have been Web Browsers. Password storage is one such most used feature, to help users store passwords for sites they surf. The browser based-password management systems are not perfect, adorned with ease of use, but the security question seems bigger.

Google, realizing this shortcoming of password management tools have now released a new update. The search engine giant, comprehending the security loophole, at this instant advises users to authenticate by using a system password, that’s not easy to track. Accessing passwords on Chrome browser is much easy, where a user just needs to navigate through the link chrome://settings/passwords and get it all here.

This feature has been incorporated in the newest Chromium build for OS X, where any users in order to get acess to the stored passwords, must first insert the system’s password. The link is a way of remembering passwords, and is of special significance for people who stay active on a number of websites on a regular basis. Google’s lack of information on this part has been criticized time and again, as intruding into one’s personal account and using the information for acquiring self benefits cannot be just overlooked.

The company thus suggests keeping your system locked, whenever you are not at the keyboard to avoid such intrusions. Any user stands just two options, at least till the time Google comes up with a cover for this flaw. First is not relying on the password management system at all and using a backup and second is to keep the system locked, whenever away from the same and also inserting a login password that’s difficult to track.

So, avoid putting all your eggs in one basket and if you are not amongst those who remembers locking the computer every time it’s not in use, don’t store the passwords only.

For any issue you can always call SupportMart's Google Chrome Support Number 1 800 793 7521 toll free.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Online PC support: it’s no more an option!

Computers have turned into an indispensable part of our lives. A broken down computer is more annoying than an ill family member. Just to ensure that this important machine in our life keeps working properly is the Online PC support. This support offered online is a perfect answer for today, where we are always short of time. The time which is needed to carry that machine to a store or even of attending a technician who visit our home or office to resolve the issue.

So, why waste time still, turn to online computer support: the new, transformed way of availing support for all your IT needs. Time and tide wait for none, so why should you keep waiting when help is just a click or phone call away. This PC support is offered by certified technicians who understand what a malfunctioning computer can mean and cost on your health. They thus offer support that can be reached any hour and any day.

Every problem on a computer can never be resolved with a single approach. Sometime it needs to be customized, as every question never has the same answer. So, instead of fidgeting through the technical terms and tutorials, it is best to contact experts. You can do this via many channels. Computer tech support phone number is a favored mode to establish connection with professionals who can offer dedicated IT support. Displayed in bold characters on every page on their website, most of these numbers are toll free. This means saving money, which may have otherwise cost you huge bucks.

So, why still use the old way, when everything around you is turning high tech? Get moving with changes and advancements, as nothing but change is the only permanent thing today!


You can now send SMS while using Google Hangout

Google, the foremost search engine, keeps adding new and improved features to their social networking platform every now and then. The latest on this front is the introduction of SMS support now getting added to Hangouts.
The inception of Hangout by Google was not amongst the most anticipated features, especially seeing the things it lacked to become the ultimate unified system for communication. SMS was one of the most missed features here, which Google said they were going to add soon. After a long waiting session, it’s finally here.
More on the list would be the support for GIF, SMS and location sharing. Like most other services from Google, even these newer ones will serve on mobile and desktop devices, while using the browser, giving users the similar flawless experience that they had with the existing tools. And for the SMS feature, it would be received just like any other message with a small icon popping up right beside the name of the sender, to let you know from where and from whom it came.
The response to this service that how users will react when they have an SMS, while already being inside a message seems unclear still, but it’s not a long waiting period to get to know that experience.

SMS Hangouts will be released soon for the Android and iOS devices as well, which would be made available in the form of an update to the existing app.

Friday, November 1, 2013

BBM is now universal; 20m downloads in just one week

BBM’s availability on Android and iOS adds splendidly to Blackberry’s follower count

‘20 million downloads in just one week’, isn’t that an amazing figure? But, this is what BBM has managed to touch, in just one week after its availability for Android and other iOS phone systems.

With more than 80 million active users’ world over, BBM’s popularity is clearly visible. The re-launch version of BBM for Android and iOS has pushed it to become the #1 free app in more than 107 countries and most popular free app in 35 countries as listed in Google Play. Happy with the download count, the makers aim at increasing interactions now. They say its active users that matter, more than the download numbers.

You can now download BBM free of cost with Google Play and App Store, what your Android phone needs for this is Jelly Bean (Android 4.x) and Ice Cream Sandwich, while the iPhone must run on iOS6 or iOS7. Just visiting the website will help you download and install the same on your smartphone.

One-on-one and group text chats with instant freedom to share photos and voice videos alongside liberty to send message to all in one go with “broadcast Message” functionality, are just few of the ace features.
BBM is BlackBerry’s most valuable asset standing alongside Blackberry Enterprise Server- the corporate email service. But, comparing with WhatsApp, BBM still needs to catch up a lot seeing the 200m Vs 80m user count of WhatsApp Vs BBM.

Twitter, the ace micro-blogging site, motivated by the popularity of BBM and WhatsApp, now plans to launch a standalone direct-messaging app soon.

15 hidden Google Search Features which users do not know

Google can help in more ways than you can think, wondering how? Read through to know the 15 not-so-known features of Google!
Google, the ace search engine, which is being used by millions of people everyday, needs no introduction. “Google’ is a word that almost every educated person out there is familiar with. But, does that familiarity actually help in using the entire features of this search giant. The answer is a “no”, as there are few hidden features aka ‘gems for Google’ that are still unexplored and unknown among most users. Don’t know what these are? The list below will let you know, so read through…
1.      Calculator
2.      Conversions
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