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Thursday, October 31, 2013

British defeat Chinese with their new-found Li-Fi, capable to deliver 10Gbps

High-bandwidth network connection which reached 10Gbps mark, based on the use of humble LED lamp, is the latest news that has stunned everybody. Deciphered as LiFi, this has been crafted by Herald Haas and his team.

This news came just after a week when a Chinese team of researchers managed to touch the 150Mbps mark, which too is pretty impressive. While, Chinese used a single LED light bulb, the British team used a trio of red, green and blue, with each a capacity to push 3.5Gbps.

Another team from Germany, back in April managed to touch the 1Gbps per LED speed with a total of 3Gbps for 3 bulbs in totality.

This increased throughput has been made possible with the micro-LED bulbs developed at the University of Strathclyde’s. With the capability to transmit millions of intensity changes in one second, it’s these alterations that send 0s and 1s to the receiver of Li-Fi.

Well, the time when the Li-Fi will get accepted in real world seems too far just now. But, unlike most others who think that requirement of a direct line-of-sight is a negative feature, Haas sees the same as a plus point.
Meanwhile, signals for Li-Fi would be much trickier to seize. The range for this is much limited and the walls block the transmission as well. The anticipated increase in security is enough to make people interested in this new found set-up, especially with the many nasty appliances hanging out there.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

With experts at Norton tech support number issue resolution turns convenient

We all love technology and the changes that keep pouring in from everywhere. IT is one such field where updates and changes keep entering on almost a regular basis. Amongst new tools and technologies, security is a highlighted word that you might see in most posts published regularly. ‘New antivirus software’, ‘security tools’ are terms that you come face to face regularly. But as the saying ‘old is gold’ indicates, the existing ones cannot be just overlooked. Norton antivirus is one such old, yet popular member from the antivirus family that has helped computer users in experiencing flawless security against threats of wide kinds. The Norton technical support staff members are people who work round the clock to ensure that the Norton system installed on your PC works efficiently and as anticipated.

Reaching the experts at the Norton Antivirus tech support desk is again very easy, which can be done with a simple phone call. You just need to call on the Norton technical support number and the expert who answers your call will ensure that any issue, query or problem you are facing gets resolved without any further delay. You must have heard, ‘good things come to those who wait’, but this does not work at Norton support desk. Here, waiting is something you would not need to worry about, as time is money and waiting is wasting this money. So, when in problem, you now have a companion to rely on.

The Norton antivirus support number is a support you can count on and is like a boon for new users and people who do not understand the terminology and technology well. This remote support has a lot of appeal than the traditional style support. The foremost is its 24x7 availability and other is the convenience and ease. Being instant this is like an icing on the cake, where experts leave no stone unturned and work dedicatedly to only reach the solution that best suits your needs.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Facebook now help users stay updated on news front

Facebook no more remains a social network to connect and share among friends, it’s now being considered for news feeds as well…!

Facebook, the king of social network, is now becoming the chief source of staying updated on the news front as well. A study revealed that around 64% of adults in the U.S. use Facebook and about half of them get news from this platform. It means about 30% of Americans browse FB to get news. So, in addition to checking on friends and sharing content, people keenly surf news as well to accomplish two tasks at once.

Especially among people who are unable to follow news closely, relying on Facebook for the same can mean time saving. When asked from users, around 38% stated that they follow news most of the time or always. But, still people who said followed less or just some time were 47%. Users in the 18 to 29 age bracket rely on FB as an important news source. FB makes users aware of news if not directly, then via links shared or liked by friends on their list.

FB is transforming the way news gets shared and consumed among users, and most analysts see this as a reliable channel to inform people of happenings around the globe. It’s also been seen that users of FB are more likely to read or share news that has been recommended by a friend.

Today Social is the new ‘in’ and most people who till now relied on newspapers and news channels to gather news and stay updated are now turning to the social platforms to remain aware.
Well, it can be clearly seen and stated that Facebook has penetrated our lives deeply, turning this into one of the most popular and used social platform. With new venture of making people aware about happenings from around the world, FB has acquired another advantage of staying as the leader.

SupportMart Tech Support

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stay prepared, as issues can appear anytime, keep the AVG tech support contacts handy

Protection is important and this is true for everything in life. Similar is for computers, where the needed level of protection is offered by an antivirus software. Today a number of such software exist that can help in acting as your computer’s defense system. One that tops the list here is AVG. The extensive list of feature makes this a tool of choice to stay protected and keep threats and vulnerabilities away. But, you must have heard that nothing is perfect and so is the AVG antivirus. Created with the power to offer easy, convenient experience to users, but this still can make you feel helpless sometimes. What you can do then, is to  contact an expert at the AVG technical support number.

The AVG tech support number is like a route to bid farewell to issues that are stopping the AVG tool from working at its best. Technology does not always work the way it’s anticipated and experts at the AVG technical support desk understand the same completely. They thus offer support, which can be availed with a phone call. Erasing issues was never this easy as it has now turned. Also, you can avail support over email and through the live chat feature offered on the website. The bottom line is to get support just when the issue pops up, as waiting for issue resolution is not a freedom we get to enjoy always.

For all such instances where support is needed ASAP, there is the AVG tech support division. Experts here know that all users do not share a similar mindset and skill level; they thus offer solution depending upon the user’s knowledge. Also, if still out of scope, they take a remote access of your PC only after getting your permission and then resolve the issue remotely. It means they offer issue resolution and troubleshooting on your PC for AVG, but without being there, virtually.

So, get your AVG tool working at its best, turn to expert help and get ready to relax.