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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Researchers Discovered a Hybrid Trojan That Combines Zeus and Carberp

Recent enough the Trusteer team at IBM discovered a new Trojan variant called ‘Zberp’, which is formed by the combination of two other more notorious Trojans: Zeus and Carberp. This newly discovered Trojan draws features from both and then utilizes them for its own use.
Installing good antivirus and internet protection solutions like McAfee is a good thing to do for detecting and removing Zberp, before it infects your data. Its products are easy to use, quick, effective, and usually work smoothly. However, as with every software, you may also get problems with McAfee security software. Calling McAfeetechnical support phone number at time of need and availing their technical support is an easy way to get help. 
Focusing on Zberp, once the Trojan infects the victim’s PC, it then writes a registry key, and then removes the key at every startup and writes it again on every shutdown. This helps it to maintain its persistence on the system and makes it undetected during antivirus scan, performed at system startup. The Trojan can steal information about the computer, take screenshots and send them to criminals, and steal online accounts’ login credentials and data of online forms etc.
VIPRE antivirus 2014 and VIPRE internet security 2014 are the other two good solutions that can protect your data from Zberp. These solutions are updated with latest virus definitions. They will detect the presence of Zberp Trojan before it enters into your system. These solutions give optimal performance and a good thing is that, support for VIPRE products can be availed easily and instantly. SupportMart is one good company that provides reliable VIPRE Antivirussupport. Contact its experts and easily avail help.     
To conclude all, it is not surprising that malware writers are using and combining the codes of two different viruses or malwares. Some of them have been effective. As the source codes of both Zeus and Carberp leaked and are open to all, so this time the attackers have successfully bundled the two together and formed a new hybrid variant. Installing reliable antivirus is necessary for users, as the frequency of Trojan variants attacks is further going to increase in coming future.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Majority of businesses suppose Macs are more reliable than Windows PCs

A recent survey which was conducted on more than 200 IT decision markets, based on the attitude these professionals have towards the use of Macs in Enterprises, showed that 95% of businesses that don't currently present Macs will be likely to offer the same to employees under one condition. The condition is having access to a single central management unit that can manage both Windows PCs and Macs efficiently. The survey showed that 45% of businesses are currently presenting their employees Macs.

The survey even concluded that businesses these days are gearing up to the OS X platform by Apple and many in this line are all set to adopt newer and broader corporate adoptions.
So, for all those IT professionals who are not just ready to look and consider beyond Windows, here are some interesting facts and figures, which cannot be just overlooked
  • 77% of IT professionals agreed that Macs are more reliable machine when compared to the Windows machines overall.
  • 65% of respondents said Macs when compared to Windows are easier to support.
  • Given the competition for talent, 65% of pros commented that presenting Macs will help in attracting more employees.
Meanwhile, the survey also threw light on what are the setbacks keeping pros from adopting Mac to its full potential.        
  • 70% of respondents agreed that they do not use Macs at their offices because the expertise to manage these machines seems lacking somehow
  • 68% agreed that Macs are not permitted due to its inability to run Windows apps.
  • 53% even cited that absence of proper management tools is a hurdle in adoption of Macs.
The survey has only reinforced what we already were aware about. Macs are making way to enterprises but what stops these are the reluctant support offerings. Parallels, on the other hand, has worked on removing two of the biggest hurdles for Macs’ adoption in enterprises, which are freedom to run Windows applications on Mac and offering a central management unit to the IT for Macs and PCs together. Also, to erase any doubts, Mac management plug-ins by Parallels comes with a seal of Microsoft’s approval.

Microsoft is working to enable IT enterprises to manage heterogeneous environment, covering those that use both Macs and PCs.

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