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Friday, January 31, 2014

Will Satya Nadella be the next CEO at Microsoft?

The current Cloud Chief at Microsoft, Satya Nadella, an Indian who was born in Hyderabad, is expected to be the next CEO of the company. The report was recently published in Bloomberg about him being the next chief executive.

After so much discussion and search the company seems to have finally found “the man”, who will now be positioned as the Chief Executive, its Nadella. The preparations to name him as CEO are almost complete, but when the company will announce it officially, seem veiled. Currently he is the Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division. Nadella has been a front-runner in the race of candidates considered appropriate to replace the CEO, Steve Ballmer as the new officer. Ballmer officially announced his step down from this post in August last year.

Speculations about replacing Bill Gates, Chairman at Microsoft are also being made. As per Bloomberg, Gates who is also the co-founder of Microsoft will be replaced by John Thompson, who is the lead independent director at this brand. If Gates leaves as suggested by PCWorld, Microsoft will lose two of its most iconic employees.

The biggest problem linked with replacing Gates or Ballmer is that no other executive at Microsoft has gone through the product range, as these two have. These entail the Xbox, a consumer business product or Azure which is a cloud service or Visual Studio, which is Windows business, server and deployment services and also the upcoming mobile business.

Nadella who is 44, is an engineer who was born in India and who has earned a degree in electronics and computer sciences from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, also business administration from the University of Chicago. Nadella has been employed at Microsoft since 1992 and has in his credit the launch of Commerce Server of Microsoft, which is BizTalk, and also the Microsoft’s Office Small Business Products.

Nadella, however, is most known for changing the Windows Live Search to Bing. Currently the search offering at Microsoft stands at 18.2%, which is based on the recent earnings of the company.

The sole issues associated with the selection of Nadella as the new CEO is that he has no experience as a chief executive, which is what makes others in the race like Tony bates who ran Skype or Allan Mulally from Ford, people who can’t just be left behind. Mulally, meanwhile in January, commented that he is not leaving Ford sooner.

‘Devices and services’ strategy has been commitment of Ballmer. So, if Nadella is selected as the new CEO it’s still doubtful that whether he will commit to that strategy. Meanwhile, his career record indicates that he will accomplish at least one half of that strategy, if not full.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

First of Firefox OS tablet’s specs announced officially

One operating system that till now lacked support for the new tablet devices of today, which is Mozilla Firefox, has been trying to do so since last year. Recently the same got successful in the form of a first prototype device, which is being released by Foxconn. The full specs for this device have now been revealed to help in unveiling the news to users, eagerly awaiting this release.

The prototype for now has been codenamed as Flatfish. It’s an Ifocus New Tab F1 built by Foxconn and is not one that will boast a lot of speculating features and is 10 inch in dimension. The price at which it is being sold at some sites is very reasonable.

This new tablet which is the Firefox OS tablet stands similar to the ZTE Open. This tablet basically aims at a group of people who do not wish to spend good money on a web device, but are still looking for a decent web surfing experience.

Inside the Firefox tablet the processor installed is quad-core Allwinner locked at 1.0 GHz. Even not being the most latest or powerful in line, but the same still manages to deliver a solid performance and without creating a hole in the buyer’s pocket. The 2 GB memory space is not over the board, but is enough to satisfy the memory needs of most users of today.

As for the internal storage, 16 GB is a pretty decent figure. Also, there is a microSD slot that can help in expansion. One unique feature that the Firefox tablet packs and most other Android tablets of today lack are two cameras, the rear-facing camera is 5 MP, while the front-facing camera is 2 MP. Thus, participating in a video calling session will now seem hassle-free, with this tab handy.

The Wi-Fi connectivity is great, which will help users stay seamlessly connected with the web. Another enticing feature is the good amount of battery backup, not something like the iPad does, but users can easily use the same continuously for 5-6 hours, without worrying about a low-battery message. Also, the standby time is of one week.

The older tablets released from Foxconn did not manage to grab great reviews from users and the same were moreover not every popular in the race. Touch feature and operating system were among the primary reasons, which users found dilemmatic. With this new tablet, it seems Foxconn and Mozilla Firefox OS have already soothed out the existing issues.

Seeing the price at which this new Firefox operating system tablet is going to be sold, even if some loopholes or glitches remain, users will not get very disappointed or turned down, seeing the many great features it packs.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Make passwords smartly: the list for 25 top passwords for 2013

Passwords are words that must be different from those which are used on a daily basis and should be difficult to crack. And if you till now thought that after constantly reading the above statements, users might have become little discerning with their passwords, then think again as you are wrong, can’t say how? It’s because here we have the list of 25 passwords that were the most common ones to be used last year.
The list has been compiled from the millions of passwords that were stolen by hackers. A major part of these relates with the Adobe hackers which targeted 38 million victims that took place in October, last year. The list even includes two new passwords, which are “photoshop” and “adobe123”, which explains there entry now. From this, you should now understand that using the name of the program you are logging into is the worst idea and a complete no-no.
Since a long-long time, 2013 for a change didn’t list the word “password” as the number one choice, as it has now moved down to the second place, with 123456 taking the top spot. More options from the new entrants include azerty and the ever- mysterious 000000. So, folks, start behaving smart, as it’s your password, which must be chosen with care and not just because it’s easy to recall.

The list of 25 most popular password choices for 2013, goes in the following way in the downhill order from 25 to 1…
  1. On number 25, a new entrant as 000000
  2. On number 24, we have trustno1, which last year was on number 12
  3. On 23rd place there is a new entrant as azerty
  4. On 22nd place again a new name- princess
  5. On 21st we have password1, which moved up from last year’s 25th place
  6. On 20th a new one again as 12345
  7. On 19th its sunshine that’s fallen from last years 14th spot
  8. On 18th, shadow stays unchanged
  9. On 17th its monkey that slipped from 8th position
  10. On 16th- a new option as 1234
  11. On 15th, again a new option, which is photoshop
  12. On 14th, an inviting password, letmein, down by 7 places
  13. On 13th, a new option as 1234567890(pretty loooong)
  14. On 12th, again a new option as admin
  15. On 11th, is last year’s 16th one which is 123123
  16. On 10th, a new entrant as adobe123 (Oct attack)
  17. On 9th the proposal word iloveyou, up by 2 places
  18. On 8th, up by 5 places is 1234567
  19. On 7th, up by 2 places is 111111
  20. On 6th there is a new one as 123456789
  21. On 5th, falling from 6th place is abc123
  22. On 4th, up by one place is qwerty
  23. 3rd remaining unchanged is 12345678
  24. On 2nd its password, falling from the 1st place held since many years
  25. On the top place its 123456, which was the 2nd on list last year 
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Is end of email approaching? What will replace this service?

Email is something that many users use, but do you actually know, for how long the service will continue?  The use of email became very-very popular in 2008, after which the same has been falling steadily. However, even with all the frustration and fatigue, no alternative have been released for the same till day.

A growing number of organizations are now becoming frustrated with emails, security being the prime concern behind the same. Dealing with a number of unwanted emails is another productivity killer. But, even with the trouble, users have nothing else to opt for.
The trends in workforce are rapidly changing and the idea of distributed workforces and replacing full-time employees with part-timers or freelancers have made emails slower and ineffective than before.  This problem has made social intranets all the more useful and the choicest tool for most organizations. These social intranets are cloud based collaboration platforms used internally that combine information sharing on social media with rapid communication and workflow management tools that are of enterprise level.

The social intranets that are existing present a significant jump in business communications, helping users learn from the social media boom and email shortcomings, together. The complete transition however still remains an on-paper thing, which will require some time to get accepted completely.
Still in their budding stage, but social intranets, are gradually climbing the popularity charts among SMBs, startups and organizations alike.

And the contestants are…
Some names on this front which are testing the social intranet waters are Chatter by Salesforce, Yammer. Also, companies like Thomson Reuters and T-Mobile are turning to Jive, another of such tools. These are the top three contenders dominating the space of social intranet, but the field is seeing new members regularly. As more and more businesses are asking for such social intranet, the entry of new providers in the marketplace is increasing. The names include Hall, Collaboration Spaces that had about 10,000 customers from enterprises, as reported in early 2013.

It’s a long way to go
Social intranet has turned into a viable alternative for email, but the journey is still too long and hard to finish. The same will pave difficulties, especially among workers where it will act more than a digital bulletin board, which is normally seen in a breakroom.
Most companies still are unaware about the advantages that moving away from emails can bestow them with. So, finding a better solution is not something, which users are looking for in a hurry.
The shift from emails to social intranet will be a gradual one, but the speed has slowly started moving up. This will however help users spend less time navigating through the inbox and worry about the other core works.

So, breathing a new life into email is still a hard nut to crack and will take much time to get practical.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Top 5 tech slumps of 2013

Every year brings with it many new technologies, but not every one of these are able to make to the top. Some excel, some stay on an average scale and yet others appear to be a blunder or total flop. 
So, as the New Year has already begun, here is a quick list of the biggest tech flops, which 2013 faced, and these are in no particular order. Not everyone is a tech failure, but some carry with them other reasons as well; like failure in marketing, management or the conception.
  1. is one such tech fail, which experts believe need no comments and is a widely accepted truth. Commentators believe that this tech fail should take a spot 1 through 9.
  2. Twitter Music, this follow based music did not gain traction, most users don’t even know about the same and it goes similarly for Facebook Home. It’s a phone app suite to give users enhanced Facebook experience. The two have been clubbed together, as commentators believe that placing them individual will be like waste.
  3. Blackberry is another tech fail, which is going down at a very fast speed and saw nothing good in 2013.
  4. The Surface Tablet by Microsoft was another name on the disappointment list. iPad still appears to take the top position  and many businesses still look at Microsoft for presenting a business tablet hybrid soon. Microsoft on the other hand believes to cover up for these shortcomings with the next generation Surface.
  5. Yahoo Email Outage was another of the biggest tech fails for 2013. The latest of such outages took place just few weeks back leaving most users without any access of their email accounts for not one, but several days together. So, if you too rely on this for your business emails, it’s time now to wake up and move towards something more reliable!
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chrome for desktops updated with noisy tab icons, improved malware blocking

A new update for the Google Chrome web browser for desktops has now been released for the version 32 for Operating Systems- Windows, Linux and OS X. It’s about the new ‘noisy’ tab feature and some other changes that were introduced in the Chrome 32 beta back in November in 2013.

More from the new features is improved security and instant pop-ups for malware blocking. Also, the ‘Supervised User feature’ for family and the ‘Metro’ interface for users of Windows 8 were added.
Users now have freedom to track tabs playing audio or video files, especially when they have multiple tabs open at any given time, with the icon representation. The tabs can also be viewed using a webcam or as being shown to their TVs.

As per Google, the enhanced features on Chrome will help users in tracking down the malware more easily with pop-ups that will appear even before the file is downloaded. The pop-up can be removed in case a file seems safe. The ‘Safe Browsing Program’ is already a part of this browser that gives warning about malicious sites or files that are malware infected.

‘Supervised Users’ feature is another great security tool that can help the members of the family get along a guide that can assist in restricting sites listed by the admin user. Managing websites can be accomplished via the Chome.Com/Manager; the feature for now has been released only in the beta version for users.

The last on this list is the update for the ‘Metro mode for Windows 8’. It comes with an integrated Google app launcher that will assist in managing multiple windows at one time. The desktop app for Windows saw a revamp, with scroll bars and UI elements like form controls seeing a design change to match with the sleek design of the Chrome Metro interface. The features were initially seen in the 32 beta version of Chrome released in November 2013.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

New updated Chrome for Android and iOS will bring down data consumption significantly

Google, the search engine king, recently announced an upgrade for the Chrome app for iOS and Android, for the version 32. The new apps will help in bringing down the data consumption of users by as much as 50%. The affordability of smartphones and improved access to internet has led to the increased popularity of internet surfing, which has shifted from desktops to laptops and now smartphones and tablets as well.

A survey showed that more than 20% users in America make use of their mobile phones for browsing the web. Google, seeing this count says that the chief issue is linked with the data consumption on a cell phone or tablet, if it is not connected with a Wi-Fi network. And specially when using a 3G or 4G connection, data allowance can run out within days, even before the user being aware about the same.
The new update on Google will make use of data compression and bandwidth management on iOS and Android devices, which will bring down data consumption by almost half. After the version gets updated, following steps would be needed to undertake. Start at Settings>Bandwidth Management>Reduced Data Usage, you just need to put the switch on, which would then start saving data and managing bandwidth automatically. You can also check the bandwidth saved every month by checking the menu. The feature will also initiate the Safe Browsing Technology for malicious WebPages by Chrome.

Announcement about adding Google Translate to Google Chrome for iOS soon have also been made. This is to help Chrome translate pages of foreign languages easily, for this user will just need to click Translate in the translation bar.

Another app in the new and updated version Chrome 32 is the shortcut app. This will give users freedom to create shortcuts of their favorite websites in the homescreen to help them in enjoying easier and faster web browsing.  For this you will need to visit a website and select “Add to homescreen” alternative there. Whenever a saved website is opened by clicking on the shortcut, a user can get access to a full-screen experience and it will appear as a different app in the Android app switcher.
The new and updated version of Chrome has already been started to roll out and the same will reach users globally within just few days from now. The update can also be downloaded by navigating through the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.

The Chrome for Desktop app by Google too was updated recently. The new features added were enhanced Safe Browsing and the addition of noisy tabs.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

About half of the world’s malware is hosted by US alone: by Amazon and GoDaddy

Our insight about the source for all wicked malware on the internet might seem to be going wrong. This can be said seeing the new analysis by a firm Solutionary SERT. The report indicates that US is the biggest host of malicious software and it leads the nation which follows it way ahead. It showed that 44% of the world’s malware find their root at US based servers. Second nation on this list is Germany with 9%.

Going further down the list, for China and Russia the percentage of malware hosted is 6% for both. The easy accessibility of cloud storage has helped in making file management easier, but this has also helped in distributing the malicious software much easily now.

SERT indicated that the chief reason which describes the high percentage of malware hosted in the US is the availability of cloud storage from GoDaddy and Amazon. These providers describe about 14% and 16% of the malware, respectively. However, the remaining major chunk relates to the many smaller number of domains. The distribution could dramatically change if these were moved or shutdown.

The command and control servers for Trojans and viruses are in a different country, but the fact that so much of it is being dispersed in US alone, makes it little surprising. Geographical blacklisting cannot be employed when the malware is lying on legitimate domains and servers in the US. The company also pointed out that most antivirus apps are not empowered to detect software that is a spam or which can act as an entryway for exploits. Thus, the best way to stay secured or act smart is by start using your head.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Windows 8 Threshold update or “Windows 9”: know it at Build Conference in April 2014

Microsoft, the company that brought Windows, is all set for a new release. Codenamed as “Threshold”, it’s speculated to be an update of Windows 8. But, inside news has revealed it’s not just an update, but a step forward, which the company will bring as “Windows 9”.

The company is expected to make this public in the Build Conference to be held in April this year. The new version however will not be released anytime sooner, but somewhere in April 2015. Bringing with it loads of opinions, many even say that is this Microsoft’s way of covering for the failures Windows 8 faced?

The Build Conference has many other highlights including Windows 8 Phone and Xbox and not to forget the Threshold update of Windows. The event will be held soon after the internal restructuring at Microsoft about the retirement of CEO Ballmer will get completed.

Some experts even say that to cover up from the fiasco Windows 8 created; Microsoft is now planning to come up with Windows 9, rather than a Windows 8 update. The production however will not begin until the conference gets over. Meanwhile, the release of a service pack type update for Windows 8.1 named as Update 1 or GDR1 is on cards this year.

Threshold or better Windows 9 is expected to be a Windows version that will mark the return of the Start menu and will also give users the freedom to run Metro Modern UI apps on desktops alongside the other regular software.

So, if Microsoft actually ends up releasing Threshold as Windows 9, speculations diverting attention towards the fact that Windows 8 was another of Microsoft’s mistake as Vista, will seem to get even more stronger. Well, it’s only the Build Conference in April, where you can find all the answers!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

8 technology ideas that broke records in 2013

Last year many companies tried their luck at the technology platform. But, only few managed to make it with a bang. It covered all from brands dealing with wearable technology to one’s releasing mobile apps. 

Like every year in 2013 too, many startups managed to make a place in the hearts of consumers. From fitness trackers to crowd funding services to mobile games and photo-sharing apps, the revival of the old was clearly seen this year as well.

Reaching the top is not easy, only some companies get worth of the time and effort they invest on any new technology. So, here is a list of ideas that turned into precious opportunities for companies in the year 2013. It entails everything from mobile apps to wearable technology and more.
  1. Snapchat: A popular app among teenagers and youngsters, it’s the new thing to stay connected with friends. It’s real-time and offers complete privacy control to users. The brand due to its ample popularity managed to attract a whooping $3 billion from Facebook, which the company however turned down.
  2. Netflix: As old as DVDs, the streaming service managed to garner unexplored success in 2013 and released a line of well-acclaimed and popular programming. It included much popular stuff as well.
  3. WhatsApp and Viber: These low-cost messaging services managed to stay on the choice list of users, covering frequent travelers and cheapskates as well. Viber launched a new low-cost calling feature and got introduced for Windows 8. While WhatsApp managed to bag 400 million active users.
  4. Vine: Unveiled by Twitter, the app has about 40 million active users and is available for iOS, Windows and Android mobile devices.
  5. Mailbox: The app that helped in attracting an outnumbering user just initially assisted users in clearing the email clutter, while swiping to archive or saving it for later. After emptying the inbox, it awarded users with an Instagram photo of the day. Its popularity provoked Dropbox in acquiring this app, at a price that still remains undisclosed.
  6. Google Chromecast: This is a small-sized dongle that help users in sending content from Chrome web browser or mobile devices to their TVs. This portable and economical app has accumulated many compatible apps and has managed to bag ample fame.
  7. Pebble Smartwatch: Introduced by Kickstarter, where many successful products have been initiated. The Pebble Smartwatch has recently announced new and innovative plans in the New Year; one is the app store in 2014.
  8. Veronica Mars: Kickstarter is not just about wearable technology, but it managed to nail as the most hard-boiled teen detective via Veronica Mars. This historic movie project earned more than $5.7 million in just 30 days. The film is expected to debut on March 14th this year.
So, here’s a quick list that can help you learn about technology that turned to gold in 2013. The New Year will bring with it many new technologies, gadgets, wearable, apps and more, so lets see what this year has en-stored for all.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Two new Iconia Tablets from Acer to be unveiled soon

Almost every brand wishes to display their company’s best in the CES aka Consumer Electronics Show, held once every year. It’s organized in Las Vegas in January and in 2014 again, the companies are all gearing up to show their best.

Acer in this process recently refreshed its line-up of Android Tablets. The company unveiled two new models as the 7.9 inch and 7 inch models, which are named as the Iconia A1-830 and Iconia B1-720, respectively.

The A1, which is 7.9 inch, is the finer of the two, which comes with an IPS display for wide-viewing experience and aluminum backing. It’s based on Android Jelly Bean 4.21 and has an Atom processor and 1 GB RAM. The in-built memory is 16 GB, which can be expanded to 32 GB by a micro-SD card.

The price at which it comes of $180, the specs are pretty impressive. The battery life it can present is of up to 7 hours and it’s expected to get released in the early part of 2014. Acer will sell along with this an optional keyboard and a cover too.

Speaking about the second release, which is the Iconia B1-720; this can be bought at a price of $130. This is much similar to one that was unveiled last year. It comes with a 1.3 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM and offers five hours of battery backup. The finishing touch is pretty classy and its 7 inch in length. Users can buy this later in January and will come with a protective case, that’s optional.

So, stay tuned until the Tablets actually get released to learn about the hands-on experience of users.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Social Media Accounts of Skype become prey of a hacking attack

Skype, however, assured of no user information being compromised in the hack

Skype, the famous online Voice Over IP and Instant Messaging system, recently recovered from a hacking incidence. Skype commented that the attack lead to compromising the social media properties via a Group that addressed itself as Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), who has taken credit for this hacking attack.

Skype in a tweet said its social media properties were targeted, but it did not affect the info of the users even slightly. The company regretted about the inconvenience users faced. The Skype blog, Twitter account and Facebook page were attacked by SEA, a group supporting Syrian government. The Skype blog even after the news became public was inaccessible and users were automatically directed to the home page.

The Twitter account of Skype had a reproduced tweet by SEA, which said that using Microsoft emails, can lead to a data breach and account monitoring, where the info would be sold to the government. Another post on Twitter supposedly by the CEO at Microsoft Steve Ballmer, read that users can thank Microsoft for monitoring their emails/accounts using the details.

This attack on social media accounts of Skype seems to be related with the disclosures through newspapers by the past contractor at U.S. National Security Agency, Edward Snowden. It addressed that the online companies allegedly present the agency real-time access to content posted on their servers with reasons linked to surveillance and security.

The SEA prior to this has attacked many Twitter accounts and high-profile sites. Some attacks in the past entail an attack on Australian domain registrar, on Melbourne IT and even the website of New York Times, Twitter and many more high-profile websites, with all these to the credit of SEA.

About Author : The author is an experienced Remote computer repair specialist who works at SupportMart. The company is a leading name in this scenario known to offer reliable Microsoft Windows 7 Tech Support that can be availed anytime and any day with just one call at the Microsoft technical Support number 1 800 793 7521 toll free.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A new monitor from Acer redefining affordability is now here

Acer, a leading brand in the computer industry has now come up with a new monitor. This time it’s focused on affordability and has been released as a 20 inch monitor. It’s a touchscreen monitor, designed to offer peace of mind and ease of wallet. When using this users will experience comfort like never before.

This 19.5 inch screen boasts an LED-backlit display feature and has ten capacitive touch points to help users accomplish the common actions. From zoom-in to swipe, it can do it all. The low pixel resolution has been covered with a high contrast ratio, which means users will get to experience sharp contrast and depth.

Deciphered as FT200HQL, it’s a monitor that will help users comfortably complete tasks like checking emails, gaming and much more. The wide angle view covers 160 degrees vertically and 170 degrees horizontally. The stand again can be adjusted by tilting from 10 to 90 degrees. Users can even mount it on a wall, if needed. Two ports and dual speakers make this a loaded device.

For all those users who have been waiting to make the most out of the touch capability of Windows 8, here is an answer in the form of FT200HQL. This newest touchscreen from Acer presents intuitive touch, amazing image quality and great ergonomics. It can also be used for multi-monitor setups. Due to its compact frame size, wide viewing angles further add in the collaboration.
Inexpensive touchscreen monitors are slowly making presence, and this one with its loaded specs list is truly an amazing addition to the list. Prior to its release the Dell 20 Touch made way to the industry. Acer with the new FT200HQL has tried to make its mark in the low-end market, by helping consumers get high quality experience, but at a low price.

Acer has a dedicated support offered via experts at Acer tech support number. One company that excels on this front is SupportMart.

So, if facing any kind of problem with any of the Acer machines, help is always a call away at the Acer tech support number, reachable 24x7/365!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ten mobile tech predictions which might occur in the New Year -2014!

Every year brings with it something new, similar is the anticipation for 2014 concerning the mobile technology. So, here are some tech predictions for the New Year, which are touted to steal the stage in coming months.
  1. It’s time now to think over PC:  PC isn't gone, but it’s no way healthy, at least IDC says this. In 2014, sales of tablet Vs PC will remain about 2.5 to 1 and the PC spending too is expected to see a downfall by at least 6 %.
  2. As per IDC, Apple is expected to witness a strong growth for iOS devices, and will see a 2 is to 1 value over Android. But, compared to Google a plummet of 3 to 1 is on charts. Google Play Store on the other hand is stipulated to outweigh the Apple App Store significantly. For Microsoft, however, it’s time now to rev up the developer interest to still stay in the game.
  3. Mobile Point of Sale or mPoS is anticipated to see a consolidation in the New Year. Many players are being believed to quit the competition and thus a slow growth is being stipulated.
  4. Mobile video viewing in this New Year is expected to increase, as better devices and improved wireless networks are now available, with data plans that are much cheaper. Users will thus devote more time on watching videos on their mobiles, which is even expected to hamper the TV and DVR video viewing a little.
  5. Banks too not remaining behind on this front are expected to experiment with wearable gadgets in 2014 and will help customers receive alerts about balance instantly. Person to person payment is speculated to emerge as the next big thing in mobile banking this year.
  6. The increase in volume of mobile apps and apps for tablets is expected to bring in a further downfall in the demand and popularity of PCs during this New Year. The trend of building apps for desktops and then scaling these down for tablets and smartphones is anticipated to see a reversal now.
  7. The popularity of SMS is speculated to see a significant rise in 2014, as many CIOs still believe that building and maintaining mobile apps is very expensive and difficult. SMS will rise due to its ubiquity and ease to use. The easy communication and ease in sending and receiving info, makes SMS a popular mode.
  8. Wireless network providers in 2014 are expected to take LTE security more seriously. The rising incidences of hacking and mobile crimes and more such unfavorable instances is the reason behind this push. LTE is expected to boast a competitive advantage and appears to be a proven security tool among users.
  9. The use of digital currency like Bitcoin and PayPal will increase and will be more based on the use of mobile devices for the same. The retail industry is looking for a more technologically advanced approach, which the mobile and digital currency can bring in.
  10. Experts say that the personal data trackers will now integrate with mPoS systems in this New Year to help users make improved decisions, when buying anything. Gamification is expected to become more intense and mPoS system too is anticipated to present discounts, deals and rewards to users based on loyalty and usage.
 So, these are the top ten predictions that are believed to change the mobile technology in 2014. Well, practically what all will actually happen is something only time can reveal, so stay tuned!

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