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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fixing Avast Setup Registry Errors Using Avast Antivirus Registry Cleaner


Sometimes installing Avast antivirus solutions in your computer becomes a bit difficult. Though it is not that common, and usually the process is very simple. But sometimes, due to a botched up installation you may not be able to install the antivirus software easily. Instead of effectively installing and then safeguarding your computer from an invading army of viruses, spyware, and Trojans, the process of Avast antivirus software installation turns into a hard deal with nuisance. As a result of the botched up installation, you are finally left with big number of Registry errors at the setup, which are very hard to be fixed.

Registry errors in a computer usually arises because frequent installation and uninstallation of programs/software. Due to this the Windows Registry gets corrupted and becomes useless. The frequent software installation and uninstallation, sometimes even lead to harmful entries getting entry in the Windows Registry.

Getting Windows Registry affected and then corrupted is not good for any computer, because it holds all the necessary files and data related to configuration settings and options of Microsoft Windows operating system. So a corruption in Windows Registry usually leads to a slow, poor performing computer, and sometimes even into a non-functional PC or laptop.

But the good thing is: there are multiple handy software available, which can effectively scan, analyze, and then clean all registry errors. One good registry cleaner is the one which is provided by Avast itself, called Avast Antivirus Registry Cleaner.

Avast Antivirus Registry Cleaner is a handy tool in removing registry errors. It performs a deep scan of complete system, or specific areas and files as chosen by you and then, locates and fixes all kinds of problems. The software also helps in getting rid of temp files, clearing recycle bin, delete broken shortcuts, and finding corrupted applications that needs some fixing. The complete operation is done in two separate parts. First, where the software scans the system and presents a general report of errors found. In this stage, you also have the option to access detailed report of each scanned area, and select only those errors that you want to be fixed. The second phase is all about fixing the previously selected errors.

Avast Registry Cleaner is an easy to use tool, and it takes just a few minutes to learn. However if you are facing problems or have confusion in using it, then talking to Avast experts by dialing Avast tech support number, can get you quick remedies. SupportMart is a good company that provides easy, quick, and practical Avast resolutions. Simply, reach their experts, avail their support for Avast, and get much needed help, right-away.

To conclude everything, normal problems in the computer arising because of problems in Windows Registry are still manageable, but they may sometimes lead to severe consequences. So, registry problems have to be fixed as soon as possible. Avast Registry Cleaner is an effective software, which you can use in this scenario. It is handy, fast, easy, and all functional.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

HP Reportedly Developing a Powerful New Type of Computer 'The Machine'

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is reportedly working on a new type of powerful computer which it calls “The Machine”. It looks like HP is planning to give a tough competition to Microsoft Windows in future days. On last Thursday, that is May 6, 2014, at the company’s annual customer conference, HP CEO Meg Whitman gave a little more than a glimpse of the company’s plans.
 Just moments after Whitman announced HP’s plans to compete with Microsoft Windows OS, with a new OS that the company is saying will be free and open source; she thanked Microsoft for being the major sponsor of the conference and invited the new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella.

But just before Nadella joined the conference, HP CTO Martin Fink, Head of HP Labs, unveiled a little of ‘The Machine’. According to HP this new data center computer can be the future of server hardware, as it could “replace a data center’s worth of equipments with a single refrigerator-sized machine”. This machine claims that it can process loads of information in an instant using very less power, almost negligible.   

The details are very few, but what is said is that this new computer from HP is going to make use of a new memory technology called memristors. Memristors are one of the options that the company is exploring; they might represent the biggest change. 

But this new machine from HP is not going to be available in the market any soon, at least for few years. HP began to work on this new machine about a year and half ago. Meanwhile it is the news that ‘The Machine’ will not use Windows OS. In fact Fink said that ‘The Machine’ will use the new OS that HP is currently building. 

He said, “We want to reignite in all of our universities around the world operating system research which we think has been dormant or stagnant for decades.”

“We are, as part of The Machine, announcing our intent to build a new operating system all open source from the ground up, optimized for non-volatile memory systems.

We also have a team that's starting from a Linux environment and stripping out all the bits we don't need. So that way you maintain ... compatibility for apps.

What if we build a version of Android? ... We have a team that's doing that, too.” 

It is quite a long that HP has been in the market, and it is good thing that the company is now experimenting new thing and exploring new regions. Meanwhile, HP computers and printers are well-known products of the company, used and favored by millions of users around the world. These are the best-in-industry products from the company. However, users often, get problems with HP computers and printers. So it is a good thing that one avails the support for HP provided by good companies like SupportMart. Simply talk to experts by dialing their HP supportnumber and get resolutions right away.

All in all, if you are waiting for HP’s ‘The Machine’, then you might have to wait for a while. However, during that time you can keep using other HP products. And if you get problems then contact good companies that provide comprehensive HP computer support and HP printer support. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

McAfee Quarterly Report Released: We Are Still Vulnerable To Attacks

In the previous month June 2014, McAfee released its quarterly insecurity reports, which simply concludes that we are still vulnerable to attacks. In fact, according to the report, it is very clear that the situation is getting worse at an increasing speed. The well researched McAfee report has revealed certain daunting facts that need an immediate attention and remedial steps, otherwise, there could be more advanced attacks having increased infiltration, reconnaissance, and persistence features.
 One major frightening stat that the McAfee report revealed is that, there is a massive increase in the number of mobile malware. On comparing the total number of mobile malware as identified by McAfee in the first quarter of 2012, which was up to a few thousand instances. They have now increased to nearly 4 million unique forms. In terms of new mobile malware, there are about 800,000 instances in each quarter. 

The reports also mentions about the malware infected clones of Flappy Birds game app. McAfee labs has found that 79 percent of sampled clone apps of the popular game, were containing malware. The only purpose of the criminals behind developing a malicious version of popular Android apps is to invade into the user’s mobile devices and then perform illegal actions like installing additional apps, extracting contact list, stealing sensitive data, and tracking phone calls, locations, and messages etc. The company report revealed that a lot of attacks are now getting onto mobile devices through Adobe updates or game apps, and are attacking services like Whatspp and Google Wallet. In the past few months botnet mining was also found to be active on mobile devices. Although later it was found out that botnet mining in mobile devices is not that profitable.  

“The year 2014 has already given us ample evidence that mobile malware developers are playing on these inclinations, to manipulate the familiar, legitimate features in the mobile apps and services we recognize and trust. Developers must become more vigilant with the controls they build into these apps, and users must be more mindful of what permissions they grant” said Vincent Weafer, senior vice president, McAfee Labs.  
Besides this alarming report about the rise in the Android malware, McAfee labs also revealed that the web based attacks through malicious URLs have more than doubled in one year period. In the previous year there were nearly 8M instances and now it is over 18M. Most of the servers that are hosting dangerous content and the phishing websites are situated/hosted in the US. The instances of signed malware also raised from 1M instances to 3M instances. There is also an increase in the network attacks with DOS accounting 25 percent of attack, Brute Force accounting 18 percent, Browser attack accounting 16 percent, and so on. 
The only conclusion that generates from this report is that the attacks are on a rise. One can’t hide from this increasing problem. However, necessary preventive measures can be taken in order to avoid any kind of security/data breach. Installing good antivirus solutions like McAfee Antivirus and Internet Security solution, being one of the preventive measures. They are reliable security solutions that provide an always-on proactive protection from all kinds of attacks and multiple handy features to remove infections. Plus if a need of support for McAfee is felt, then you can avail help from the experts by dialing McAfeecustomer service phone number

All in all, the facts and figures clearly show that now, there are more number of malware variants and attacks (offline and online) existing then they ever existed. Using reliable and strong security solutions and staying updated with data security trends are two easy ways to stay protected. Plus staying in contact with expert support companies like SupportMart and others also helps. They are reliable and good sources of technical help. All you have to do is reach them by dialing the toll free number, like HP support number, PC support number, or antivirus support number etc. and then avail the required help.   

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

McAfee Reports an Unsettling Flaw Affecting

McAfee is one of the leading antivirus solution vendors of the world. Not only the company develops strong and reliable antivirus solutions, but it also provides other security solutions and PC utility tools. The company also constantly keeps an eye on the latest data security trends and the attacking techniques used by the criminals. 

The researchers at McAfee recently discovered a flaw in one of the most popular blogging platforms, ‘’. According to McAfee an exploitation of this flaw in WordPress could give the hackers an access to a WordPress account by simply copy pasting a line of code, which is transmitted over Wi-Fi networks. WordPress currently is a home for more than 60 million websites around the world plus, many personal blogs. This fact makes the reported flaw a pretty big deal.
The security hole is actually the result of WordPress failing to employ encryption for its login cookies. The cookies are one useful aspect of using internet. They are usually secure and basically help while logging into a website. But this time the cookies were not secured. This is because while logging into WordPress in public Wi-Fi, the critical cookie was sent over HTTP in plain text. This means that the cookie is not encrypted, and can be easily intercepted by a hacker who is in the same public Wi-Fi. 

Once the hacker has intercepted the cookie then he/she can bypass two-factor authentication on WordPress. This gives him/her the complete control over the hijacked WordPress user’s account. The hackers can use-exploit the hijacked account in many ways. They can pose as the account holder in comments, or post articles, see private post, create new blog, and see blog stats etc. All of these activities are very useful for phishing attacks. The hackers can post links navigating to malicious websites in the hijacked account’s blog.
A hacker can also make use of the reported vulnerability to activate two-factor-authentication on accounts which haven’t activated the security measure yet. This can possibly block the original account holder from accessing his/her account if his/her mobile is not already linked to the account. 

However the attackers are not able to alter the account password and payment options.     
So how to stay protected? Well the answer is simple. The users have to be more attentive while browsing or logging online, stay away from anything which is suspicious, do not use public Wi-Fi to log into WordPress (for now), and use comprehensive security software, like those of McAfee, Vipre, Norton etc. McAfee antivirus and McAfee internet security are two of the reliable and effective security software at this front. Start using them to stay protected and if problems arise then dial McAfee technical support phone number and connect to the expert technicians. One good company where you can find reliable, easy, and cost effective McAfee support is SupportMart. Get in touch with the experts and get instant resolution to your technical problems. 

To conclude all, a new found flaw in WordPress is here, though the reported flaw’s exploitation cases are not big in number, but the flaw sure is harmful. Simply stay attentive and install reliable antivirus solutions to stay protected. And, when a need of support like VIPRE antivirus support or support for other technical issues is felt, then contact the experts. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

How to Set the Asus Eee to Boot from USB Flash Drive

The Asus Eee PC is compact laptop which is best known for having longer battery life, being affordable, and its ability to handle most of the computing tasks easily. But there are multiple times whilst its use, when you are in need to change/upgrade the operating system, or simply restore the OS to default. Good thing is most of the computers are configured to boot from their own hard drives. But if you have the OS on a flash drive then you can also set the booting sequence is such a way that in place of booting from hard drive, the computer boots using the flash drive. So if you are the Asus Eee PC user and, are planning to change the operating system boot sequence to flash drive, then following steps can be useful to you. However, the best thing to do is avail the Asus support provided by the experts, as by doing so, you can get the task completed in the most effective way. But, if you like to try things by yourself then, simply follow the steps mentioned below.
  •  First of all shutdown your Asus Eee PC, plug-in the flash drive that has the desired operating system, and then turn computer back on.

  •      As soon as the Asus logo appears on the screen, press the key that will load the BIOS or setup screen on the monitor. In this case the key is F2.
  •        Once you have the BIOS screen, use the arrow keys to navigate to the BOOT menu.
  •   In the Boot sequence screen, simply change the sequence, so that the USB flash drive comes on the top of the list. You can do so by using the arrow keys to select the USB and then F6 key to list the flash drive to the top.
  •  Next is saving all the changes and exiting from the BIOS configuration utility. You can do that by locating the Exit tab and then selecting the Exit option.
Once the steps are completed the changes will be saved, and the next time when you reboot the Asus Eee PC, it will have the flash drive as the primary boot device. So if you want to boot using the flash drive, simply reboot the system with the flash drive plugged into the computer. The computer will automatically boot from the USB device.      
However, if you are getting issues while setting the boot sequence or change other BIOS settings, then contacting the experts is the best option, because wrong alterations in the BIOS may affect the PC’s performance or simply make the PC inoperative.
Experts understand all the functionalities of the PC and have a deep knowledge of its working and know the correct ways of modifying them. Contacting them whenever needed assures that the issues will be resolved in the best way possible.

To sum up all, the Asus Eee PC is a decent computer that is simply suitable to carry most of the common computing tasks. Though it has its limitations and its production already ended in 2013, but many users around the globe still use the Asus Eee PC computers. The good thing is even the PC being so old and its production has already ended, many of the support companies still provide its support. Companies like SupportMart are the leading technical support providers for a wide range of Asus computers and also for other brands like HP printer support, Lenovo support, Toshiba support etc. Simply contact them when needed and avail the much required help.  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Russian Hackers Steal 1.2 Billion Passwords, Says McAfee

 McAfee, the leading data security solutions vendor, has recently reported about “the largest known database of stolen credentials in the world”. The company made a post on August 6, 2014 in its official blog, McAfee blog Central, which revealed that 1.2 billion username and passwords and over 500 million email addresses has been stolen and held by a group of Russian hackers. The blog post was made after The New York Times revealed about the reported hacking operation’s database.
It was the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, based security firm, known as “Hold Security” researchers who discovered the hacking database. However, the security firm has refused to disclose the name of the website or victims who have been affected by the reported hacking group. 

The figures of the stolen login credentials and email addresses are dauntingly big. Based on the facts what McAfee reminiscences is that “many people reuse credentials on multiple websites,” “any websites on the Internet—from the smallest blog to Fortune 500 companies—are still vulnerable to basic attacks by hackers,” and “hackers only need to compromise one account to get at nearly all of your information.”
Keeping your identity and online accounts safe is becoming more difficult day-by-day. A user should take all the precautionary measures, like stop using same credentials on multiple websites, use a strong password etc. Also keeping updated with all the latest security trends and news also helps. Additionally, it is also important that you install a reliable antivirus and internet security software, like those of McAfee, in your system and, avail requisite McAfee tech support by calling at McAfee customer service phone number

McAfee Antivirus Plus is a reliable security software and keeps you secure all the time. But issues in the security solution can arise at anytime. Companies like SupportMart and a few others are good sources from where you can get support for all technical issues, including McAfee issues. These companies provide non-stop tech support for PCs, antivirus, printers, peripherals, web browsers, email services etc. All you have to do is call Asus technical support number, AVG support number, Avira support number, HP printer support number etc. and avail the required help.