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Monday, July 28, 2014

Search The Web in a New Fashion Using Opera Coast In iPhone


We have been using different web bowers for years to browse the internet. But to most of the fact, almost every web browser does much the same thing with much the same features and much the same way. There is hardly any worthy difference between the way they work and the features they offer. But the good news is the plot is now changing; at least this is what Opera is trying to do.
 With a new and different web browser called Opera Coast, Opera Software is trying to change the scenario a bit. According to the company Opera Coast is “extremely easy to use, fast, secure, stable and all of those other big buzz words we like. And, it's an entirely new experience for browsing the web”. This web browser is made for iOS devices and first debuted on iPad, last September.
If you haven’t tried the app yet, then it is the right time to do so. It is a completely free app and runs on devices running iOS 6 and later.

What separates Opera Coast from other web browsers?

The app is a fresh take on web browsing in iPad and iPhone and the way it works is very much different from the rest of the web browsers. The first difference you will notice in Opera Coast is that it doesn’t has the conventional address/search bar and forward and backward buttons. Instead it has two buttons: home button and recent sites button. The home button is used to jump directly to the home screen of the app and, recent sites button is used to open a list of recently opened websites.

To some part Opera Coast feels like a tiny operating system for websites. It runs in full-screen mode and treats websites like apps. The home screen of the app is where all the websites’ icons are present and you have all the power to modify and rearrange the icons on home screen. The good thing about accessing websites in the app is that you can resume them where you left off each time you visit. 

Opera Coast also features a search option. All you have to do is pull down the “Search the web” option on home screen, which will navigate you to a screen where you can enter the search term or a URL. The app also consists of one more feature called “Stuff we like” which automatically suggests you a list of websites based on what other users are viewing at in your geographic area. Finally, the app also has a cloud syncing feature that securely syncs your app browser settings across various devices running the same browser. 

Availing support when required:

It is never always right to say that the products you are using will always remain free from error or they will never break down. Even the best made products create issues. The same goes for Opera Coast and other Opera products. The Opera web browser or the Opera Coast that you are using might be working fine, but there are chances that issues may also arise with them. To make things easier for you the Opera support experts offer their seasoned support nonstop. This service can be availed by simply dialing the. Opera system tech support phone number as per your convenience.

The conclusion:
Opera Coast certainly is a good web browser for those who want to try something different. It has a different look and feel. Although, the app does has its shortcomings, but it is just in its initial stage and new amends are on the list. Install it and try it out. Meanwhile if you have difficulties in installing or using the Opera Coast app, then get in contact with companies like SupportMart. It is a reliable and one of the ace tech support companies that provide support for various brands and products, such as Asus support, Google Chrome support, AVG support, Norton support etc.  

How to Find Out That Your Computer Has Hidden Tracking Software

Tracking software is the software that is designed to covertly run on a computer and then steal/track user’s data and activities. It is basically used by cybercriminals and is known as spyware.  There are thousands of spyware software available out there. The usual way through which a spyware can enter into your system is attaching itself with other useful software and installing with them.
Once the tracking software gets installed on your computer, it can then covertly record your key strokes and mouse clicks and also take automatic screenshots. It is based on the nature of the spyware that some spyware, then transmits the recorded data back to the criminals. If you doubt that your system has tracking software then simply availing the computer software help provided by experts is the best thing to do.

However, following are some additional steps that you can perform.

•    Check the installed programs list using the Add/Remove Programs window of Control Panel.
•    Check the currently running processes. Open task manager and click on “Processes” tab to see the list.
•    Check you Firewall using the Windows Firewall option present in Control Panel.
•    Install and use comprehensive antivirus and anti-spyware software. If you are already using an antivirus then check its exception list.

If nothing of the above mentioned works then it is best that you contact a reliable tech support company. SupportMart is the ace tech support company and provides best in industry technical support for various technical issues related to different software. All you have to do is reach them when required and then avail the requisite support such as, antivirus support, PC support, OS support, virus removal support etc.

Learn More about Asus N550JK; A New Entertainment Laptop from Asus

Asus the leading vendor of laptop, desktop, tablets, servers, and other computer peripherals, enjoys a good reputation among the users. The company’s products are among the best in the respective domain and never fail to deliver high quality performance and results. The newest addition to its massive product range is the Asus N550JK laptop.

Asus N550JK is an entertainment oriented laptop and belongs to the Asus’ N series. Cutting short everything, following are the specs of Asus N550JK:

•    Intel Core i7-4700 CPU
•    Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M Graphics chipset
•    6 GB RAM
•    15.6 Inches Screen with 1920x1080 pixels
•    1 TB storage space
•    CD/DVD Drive, 2 in 1 Card Reader
•    Bluetooth V4.0 + HS
•    Windows 8.1 OS  

With these specifications, Asus N550JK is the ideal laptop for the entertainment seekers. It has a beautiful display and high-performance CPU. Plus the sound quality is great. Also it is a well built laptop with eye candy looks. The keyboard is easy to use and comfortable and the touchpad is big and responsive enough to easily control the cursor. The laptop weighs average. However the only issue could be with the battery life of the laptop. Also the laptop overheats when it is too much stressed.
All in all Asus N550JK is a good laptop to choose. It is a great product for the value. Meanwhile if you already own the laptop, but are getting problems in the Asus N550JK laptop, then it is advised that you should contact the experts. SupportMart is one of the good companies where you can find easy technical support for Asus models. Simply dial their Asus technical support number and get the required help.
Good thing is that many of the third parties are now providing support for various brands rather than sticking with a single brand. All that a user has to do is call at the requisite support number such as, AVG support number, Chromecast tech support phone number, Lenovo support number etc. and avail the help.

Friday, July 25, 2014

How to Keep Away From Tinba Banker Trojan Using Kaspersky Solutions

Of the various purposes, one very common purpose for which we use the internet is to successfully complete various online banking transactions. The internet is a smart, fast, and easy way to get over with your banking tasks. However, as the use of online banking has increased largely, the number of banking trojans and scams has also increased greatly. There are hundreds of banking trojans existing and affecting users in the wild; Zeus trojan is the most notorious one. Among the various banking trojans, there is one noticeable trojan, which is called Tinba.
Tinba also known as the smallest banker trojan, is a trojan variant, which after injecting into the PC, appends itself into other running processes, including web browser and explorer exe. Just like every other banker trojan, Tinba steals the banking information and credit card data and then, sends these information to the creators. It also makes the infected systems as a part of a botnet, which then spreads other malware.
To worsen the situation, there are reports that the source code of Tinba trojan has been posted on an underground forum. This could lead to more versions of Tinba trojan. Installing the latest Kaspersky antivirus and internet security can help you stay protected from Tinba and all other malware. The latest Kaspersky antivirus is updated with all the virus signatures, including those of Tinba trojan variants’. Using the updated virus database, the Kaspersky security solutions stop the trojan before it enters your system. All you have to do is run a quick or thorough system scan and then, remove the trojan. 

Meanwhile issues with Kaspersky security solutions are often faced by the users. There could be any reason behind the issues, but the issue needs to be fixed. Contacting good support companies like SupportMart and then availing their Kaspersky technicalsupport is one way to get quick solutions to issues.
These are the reliable sources of help, whom you can reach anytime to avail the desired support, such as AVG support, Norton support, virus removal support, or PC support etc.  

SMS Spam Hits Apple Users; Use Norton Mobile Security to Stay Secured

The news is out that a SMS spam campaign is in action and is attacking the Apple users living in New York City. The researchers at Cloudmark, a San Francisco based Security Company, recently identified this campaign. According to the reports, the researchers have found 47 percent of all spam that circulated in NYC in past two months, were sent through a specific malicious campaign.
This reported SMS spam campaign uses the iMessage Instant Messenger service from Apple to spread. In this message the threat actors are promoting websites to sell products from the world famous international brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Michael Kors, Oakley and Ray Ban Sunglasses etc., at cheaper prices (less than half the original price). However as the reality is these messages are fake and lead to scams that are built to steal the money from you. Since iMessage is supported on iOS 5 and later versions and this campaign uses the service, this means that all the latest iPhones are affected by the reported campaign. The service allows the iPhone users to send messages over Wi-Fi connections. 
Installing the latest Norton Mobile Security app on your iPhone can help you stay secure from this scam. The iOS security app from Norton, will stop any malicious app or file from entering into your iPhone or iPad. Plus the proactive protection will give you an alert whenever a malicious or phishing URL is visited.
The Norton Mobile Security is a comprehensive antivirus app for your iPhone or iPad and also protects the devices from theft. All in all, it is a must have app for your iPhone and iPad. 

However, during the course of use of Norton Mobile Security app, various issues may also arise in your iOS device. Simply contacting reliable support companies like SupportMart and then availing their Norton support can help you to get technical solutions to your problems. It is a reliable support source and provides resolutions to various technical issues of different security solution’s brands. Simply dial their Avastcustomer service phone number, Norton tech support number, or simply antivirus support number etc. when needed and get the required help.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What Does The New MS Office 2013 Has In Store For You?

We have been using MS Office from a really long time to complete all our office documentation work. The office software that are bundled in the whole MS Office suite are arguably the best office software that have ever been developed, so far. The features, tools, and other handy attributes of MS Office are simply incomparable. There’s hardly any other popular office suite that matches the efficiency and effectiveness of MS Office. And with the latest release of MS Office 2013, Microsoft has made the whole suite and its constituent software even more functional and practical.

With MS Office 2013, the constituent software, that is MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint etc. have gone metro. This means that they behave very much like the other metro app of Windows 8 OS. This new MS Office is developed for Windows 8 users; so as a result, there are certain changes in the way you access the MS Office suite software. However, there are not very big changes in the interface and tools of the MS Office suite applications. All the tools and features behave in almost the same old way, hence making things easier for the users. There are new features added in each application of the MS Office suite; making all applications more functional. Additionally, all MS Office appl
ications are backward compatible, meaning that files saved in old versions can be opened in the 2013 version.

In MS Office 2013, you will also find a difference that sets it at par from previous versions, and the difference is the integration between MS Office and OneDrive (Microsoft’s Cloud Storage). If your computer has an internet connection then, instead of saving files on the system, you can directly save them in the OneDrive cloud and access them from any computer, anywhere-anytime. This is one handy feature and now you don’t have to carry your everywhere.

There are lots of other more interesting and handy features is MS Office 2013 to use. To try them, simply download and install the office suite. However, if you face issues or got any doubt related to MS Office applications, then it is best that you avail Microsoft Office Technical Support provided by experts.
Contacting experts is always advised because it is the experts that can provide you the best resolutions in no time. There are various reliable companies where you can find effective technical support. SupportMart is one reliable company and is providing support for various brands and products, including MS Office. All that it requires is a call at respective toll-free number, such as antivirus support number, Lenovo support number, McAfee technical support phone number, virus removal support number etc.

How to add uTorrent to Kaspersky Firewall’s Exception List

Kaspersky PURE Total Security is one of the best comprehensive antivirus software. It is a feature rich antivirus software that gives a complete protection from all kinds of attacks, threats, scams, spam, malware, trojans etc. It is a complete security software and covers (that is protects) your data from all angles. When this antivirus software runs at its full potential, there is not even a single loophole left for the attacks and malware, in order to be used.
Kaspersky Firewall is an integral part of Kaspersky solutions. It is the Kaspersky’s forefront of home Internet protection and blocks all the malicious contents from invading into your system. Meanwhile, there are times when the Kaspersky Firewall blocks safe programs from accessing and using the internet. uTorrent being one of them. However, there is an option using which you can take off the Kaspersky Firewall constraint. All you have to do is add the program to the exception list. Following are the simple steps to add uTorrent to Kaspersky Firewall’s exception list.
  •          Open Kaspersky main user interface and select Settings option.
  •         Under the Protection option look for the Firewall option and open it.
  •          Under Filtration Settings, find and select Settings option and click on Add.
·         A browse-window will open, search and select uTorrent (usually present in C drive).
·         Finally click on OK/Add.
Then, save the changes and exit. However, you may still need to call Kaspersky technical supportnumber, as issues can pop-up anytime. Calling the tech support and availing help from them ensures that the issues will get fixed effectively and quickly.
SupportMart is one of the leading tech support sources and enjoys a good name among users for the technical help it provides. All that is required from user’s end is a call at the requisite number, such antivirus support number, Acer support number, HP printer support number, or Google Chrome customer service phone number.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Steps To Block a Website in Google Chrome Web Browser

Of the various things which parents or guardians are concerned about the activities their children do in internet is, children accessing the websites having grown-ups content. As of now, there is no inbuilt feature in Google Chrome to block a website. However, you can still use other handy Chrome extensions to do so. There are multiple good and reliable Chrome extensions to block websites of your choice. All you have to do is install and use them.
In this post I am going to use Website Blocker (Beta). You can find Website Blocker in Chrome Web Store. Make sure that you install the extension from Chrome Web Store, as downloading any Chrome extension from other similar stores may install a malware. Once the extension gets added, an icon of the extension will appear on the interface.
All you have to do next is go to the website you want to block, and then click on Blue globe icon (extension’s icon). Enter the time period you want the website to stay blocked and then click on “Block This!” That is it, however if you still have issues with blocking websites in Chrome or have other issues related to Chrome, then the best thing to do is availing Chrome tech support provided by a reliable support sources.
Contacting experts when having technical issues with the software or computer you use is always advised, because it is the experts who can provide you the quick and effective support. You can reach multiple good support sources like SupportMart and others at this front. All you have to do is dial the respective support number and avail required help, such as Gmail support, Acer technical support, antivirus support, browser support etc.  

What To Do If Your Computer Is Hacked?

If you suspect that your computer is hacked and are getting various signs of a hacked computer, then it is very important that you take all the necessary actions that will prevent further illegal use of your PC and online accounts. A computer gets vulnerable to a hack when it is not fully protected. So it is very necessary that you install a comprehensive antivirus software that provides complete protection from offline and online attacks. There are various good antivirus software that you can use, such as Avast Antivirus Pro, AVG Antivirus Pro, Norton 360 etc.

However, if your computer is already hacked, then following are few things that have to be done immediately, in order to ensure that there is no further illegal access and use of your data.
·         Do a complete clean installation of operating system.
·         Download and install firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware, and internet protection software.
·         Change all the passwords on your computer as well as the passwords of all online accounts.
·         Disable file sharing and guest accounts.
·         Stay updated with latest data security trends and news.
Additionally, staying in contact with experts like SupportMart and others and then availing their computer software help also helps, as they are the reliable sources of effective and fast technical help. All that a user has to do is dial the respective support phone number, such as PC help number, Antivirus support phone number, AOL technical supportphone number etc. and avail the help as required.