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Friday, March 28, 2014

Microsoft unveils zero-day threats against Word. Is WordPad vulnerable too?

Microsoft made an announcement stating that an unpatched vulnerability in the MS word program is being subjugated in the wild. Not one, but all versions of MS Word used on Windows and Macs and several other linked programs like Word Automation Services, Word Viewer and Microsoft SharePoint Server too are vulnerable. But, presently MS Word 2010 is the central target. Exploits which are like these are version-centric and the attacker behind this is already aware about the version which must be exploited.

In case a user sets Word as the Outlook viewer, then the latter too might be exploited by RTF Files, as suggested by Microsoft. If considering the default configuration, MS Word is the viewer in Outlook versions 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Microsoft after this released an article about “Fix it” which will work around the problem resolution by disabling support for RTF. Users who rely on Word for RTF files must be the ones most affected by this.

Meanwhile, when asked that whether WordPad too shares the same shortcoming, Microsoft did not give a definite answer about the same being vulnerable to this zero day flaw, recently discovered in MS Word.

WordPad, which was previously known as Windows Write, has not been cleared from this doubt of being vulnerable to the similar zero day bug as seen with Word.

This “maybe” has created a score of questions among users, who now expect that whether WordPad too is vulnerable, then it’s likely for Microsoft to soon release an updated security bulletin, addressing the issue.

Any successful exploit in MS Word can render an attacker control for the privileges of the user running this program. Thus, running with standard user privileges can decrease the damage manifolds. Microsoft even said that their EMET aka Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit can help in lessening this vulnerability, significantly.

This security vulnerability of Word was reported by Microsoft by Shane Huntley, Drew Hintz and Matty Pellegrino working with the Security Team at Google.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Unable To Install Safe Game? Probably Norton Antivirus Is The Reason

You got a game and you are trying to install it into your PC? Even after trying multiple times, the game doesn’t get installed? Then maybe it is because of Norton antivirus. If you get any of the following problems while installing a game, then maybe Norton Antivirus is causing them.

The problems include:
  • The game reports missing Cif/CalTree or other files are inaccessible.
  • The game freezes during installation.
  • Game reports missing ddraw.dll.
  • An error message “Invalid chunk file format” gets displayed.
There are times when Norton Antivirus does block some of the programs, thinking them as threats; which aren’t actually threats. This does happen with some other antivirus programs as well. Thinking of the games as threats, Norton prevents the normal installation and causes issues while installation. Then once the game gets installed, the moment you launch it; game shows errors. So at times like that, when you are sure that the game/program doesn’t have a virus at all, what you can do is temporarily disable the Norton Antivirus.

Temporarily disabling Norton Antivirus depends on the Norton product that you have. However the most common and easy way to disable Norton products is by navigating to the system tray on the bottom right hand side of the screen, and then right-clicking on the Norton product, and choosing “Disable Auto-protect or Disable Antivirus Automatic-protect” option. For example, if you have Norton Antivirus, then right-click on Norton Antivirus system tray icon and choose Disable Auto-Protect option and then, select duration (depending on your need). When done selecting time, click OK.
Once you disable Norton antivirus, then all you have to do is simply uninstall and reinstall the game. And you are done!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

McAfee now makes its Antivirus and Security app freely available for iOS and Android

McAfee, the leading IT security company, recently made an announcement after which the McAfee Antivirus and the Security App, known by the name of McAfee Security app on iOS, will be available for free on iOS and Android platforms.

The McAfee Security App and Antivirus can now be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store on the iTunes App store for iOS and Android platforms.

The company explained that the step aims at making mobile and tablet security powered by iOS and Android, a crucial part of the user experience.

A recent security trend report by McAfee claimed that about 82% of apps track the personal details of users and around 80% do so for the location.

Also, the Security app from McAfee presents privacy features like app lock, multi-user app profiles, call blocker, app protection, SMS filter and more. The anti-theft features which the app offers include CaptureCam, which helps in quietly clicking the image of the person who is holding the lost device of the user, which also emails the image to the user with the location as well. Also, details like S.O.S help in automatically saving last location before the device runs out of battery. Device lock stops misuse of device by remotely locking the same. Then there is wipe data which wipes the personal data to the factory default settings. Backup and restore data helps in saving contacts and messages on demand. While, on a schedule, track or locate helps in finding a device when it’s stolen or lost. Uninstall protection ensures protection that the McAfee security app cannot be deleted from the device.

India is a country that is placed on the tip of mobile explosion. And here the need for adopting privacy and security protection for digital life seems obligatory. The free access to this award-winning mobile security product will help in ensuring a safer mobile experience for users.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

You can now get something worth $99.99 for free, know how?

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

New announcements from Microsoft for the year 2014

Microsoft, a name in the computer industry, which needs no introduction keeps revamping its offering for users by releasing updates, new products and more to add to the user experience immensely. Latest on this front are the new updates by Microsoft for its Office 365 suite, SharePoint and Yammer which will be delivered at a pre-decided monthly charge to users.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will also showcase a brand new set of APIs for SharePoint and Office 365, which will be released sometime later in the year 2014. Also, for users Microsoft has developed two new technologies for social networking which have been integrated with SharePoint Online and Office 365 and are anticipated to be released sometime this year. The discussed social networking technologies include a discovery app and a new search feature, which have been codenamed as Oslo, plus a new “Groups” capability, both of which will be spanned across Office 365. The two technologies meanwhile will be based on the Office Graph engine of Microsoft, which is a new information fabric that will function across communication silos for the subscribers of Office 365.

In the meantime, Microsoft made another announcement about the release of OneDrive for Business. This is a document storage service for enterprises which is based on SharePoint Online. The company recently made an announcement about rolling out OneDrive for Business iOS in the first part, which will be followed by support for other devices.  Microsoft will deliver the ability to use OneDrive for Business with the Service Pack 1 for SharePoint Server 2013. Meanwhile, the capability of branding in which organizations will get the control to customize appearance on OneDrive app, will still take some time to get released

Microsoft also will deliver the capability to use OneDrive for Business with SharePoint Server 2013 Service Pack 1. However, the new "branding" capability, in which organizations can customize the appearance of the OneDrive app, is yet to come.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

McAfee report indicates Dark Web to be the new refuge for cyber attackers

Cybercriminals are now settling into the “Dark Web”, which is a place where they rest, improve and share out malware for online attacks. This has most recently been concluded by the researchers at McAfee, after studying in detail a huge data breach which occurred and managed to impact 110 million US customers in the retail segment, which might just be the trailer of the “big” picture hidden inside.

The threat assessment published recently unveiled that buying and selling this type of malware gets pretty easy in the “Dark Web” marketplaces.

The researchers at McAfee also concluded that the malware behind these target attacks made use of relatively unsophisticated technologies, which might have been bought from the Cybercrime-as-a-Service community after which it might have been tailored specifically to make this attacks happen.

The report even showed that the cyber attackers who stole this data have also the details of some 40 million credit card numbers, which are expected to have stolen in groups of between one million to four million at a time.

The last quarter of the year 2013, meanwhile, is remembered as the time when cybercrime turned into a reality for more number of people than before.

The cyber attacks happened at a time when most people were busy in the holiday shopping spree and right when the industry anticipated the consumers to feel secured and confident about their online buying habit. The impact of this attack created an effect on users coming from both home and the business environment.

These attacks clearly depict the onset of a new age where both the “Dark Web” and Cybercrime as a service will get triggered. The actors behind Dark Web seem to be working with ease, just like they do at any online business. This class of attack must be identified as being much away from advanced.

Meanwhile, there is an off the shelf exploit kit from the BlackPOS malware family, available for sale, which can be easily altered and redistributed with little changes in programming and by those who have little knowledge about malware functionality.

The cyber thieves who make use of the malware can easily move to the black market of credit card, which possesses a well-structured hierarchy and which makes rooms for a functional and disciplined marketplace. These thieves can further pay for the credit cards which have been stolen by making use of one of the many virtual currencies available, an example is the Bitcoin.

The breaches, in the meantime will create long-lasting repercussions. There is the need of making amendments in the security approaches and compliance mandates and also in the applicable lawsuits.

The big lesson to be learnt here is that we have a healthy and rapidly growing cybercrime industry which has played a major role in enabling and monetizing the outcome of these cyber attacks.

The report by McAfee also indicated a rise in the mobile malware, as increase in the number of smartphone users has been noticed. The number of new mobile malware collected in 2013 is 2.47 million among which 744,000 were in the last quarter alone.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Now get ready to download Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8

At the Mobile World Congress 2014, Microsoft announced that the Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone will be soon released within a short span. Keeping up to its commitment, Facebook has now unveiled Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone, although a big drawback is its support only for the Windows Phone 8 devices initially.

Facebook made this announcement on Twitter saying the Messenger for Windows Phone for Facebook can now be downloaded.

The Messenger for Facebook in its version can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store at free of cost. Just few highlights that this Messenger of Facebook for Windows Phone will bestow users with include
  • Instant access to messages, without opening the Facebook account
  • Users can take their conversations to a new level while sending photos and stickers privately
  • Enjoying group conversations and making on-the-go plans seems easier
  • Location sharing to help friends and relatives know where you are
  • Get notifications of when the messages you sent have been viewed by the receiver
  • Know who’s online on Messenger and Facebook
  • Forget about missing a message by staying logged in always
  • Prioritize your work, by turning off notifications when sleeping, working or just taking a break
  • Conversation history and contacts will never get lost

Meanwhile, like every coin has two sides, the Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8 does not offer support for some features which is seen for other platforms, including chat heads, voice messaging.

Facebook Messenger will give users the freedom to see who is online, to initiate a group or private chat, send private messages and bring message to life while sending stickers and pictures. You can now tell people where you are by sharing your location. Also, automatic addition of Facebook friends is supported for the People Tab, but a provision for importing new contacts is also provided.

In the meantime, for those who do not know still, Facebook Messenger for Firefox and Windows was shut down on 3rd March, recently.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Android will turn more secured with a persistent malware scanning app; to be released soon

Existence of Android malware is a reality, and major chunk of the users believes it to be a remote threat at its best. Also, it’s been seen that as long as users install apps from trusted sources and keep their security solutions updated, safety seems great. But, for all those who deem that the decent security at Android can’t get any better, we would only say, think again. A new update which will get released few weeks from now will help in making an important modification to the Verify Apps feature by Google.

Verify App, currently does a quick check of any of the apps, whenever a user is trying to install them on their Android device. The tool scans the apps, covering even the sideloaded apps, trying to find any code that can exploit the security vulnerability of the device or can lead to compromising the system’s security by alerting about an unseen risk in the future.

The apps moreover function like security cops who work in a town just to keep the criminals or unethical beings out of the city’s limit, without doing anything about the internal security. In order to stay updated about any app that is trying to go out of its way to prevent Google scanning, Verify Apps is anticipated to mature into a system that will now search for malware on a continuous basis and not just at the time of installing that app.

The project’s release date has still not been unveiled, but this will arrive like an update to Google Play Services. It’s thus expected that this will be available on devices that run even the older version of Android, which is Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Know the secret to guessing a perfect password

Hacking is an event, which computer users interpret differently. Some people describe this as probes and worms that are launched by monitor-tanned nerds to churn out information, which can help them in some way. Hacking is often taken to be cracking, be it a password, information, sensitive details or anything else. Hackers these days are turning sophisticated and can easily decipher passwords from individual users, making such users ripped off of their money or details. Such hacking episodes have turned more intense and gross in recent time and researchers are therefore working on viable options that can keep such episodes at the minimum.

Security researchers are now coming up with guides that can help in designing great passwords with ease. A hard-to-crack password can be the solution to maximum hacking instances. Guessing password can be reduced considerably, if that secret word becomes tough to crack, but finally it should not be tough to memorize. People while creating a password try using words that they can easily remember or follow universally accepted trends in password creation. Analyzing such trends is not rocket science and hackers can crack such phrases.

There are pass-guessing programs that consider most common password roots, including words from common English and foreign language, like names, phrases and all. These also maintain transform algorithms, rulebooks when modifying any entry in the dictionary. For example, if a program pulls out the name “Johanna” from a name dictionary, then the most common modifications to this root would be guesses like “Johanna123”, “9Johanna”, Joha11nna”, and so on. The pass-guesser algorithms of today are more advanced than this and combine words and phrases from different dictionaries based on frequency analysis.

The password guessing programs, exploit the fact that given similar information, all users tend to use similar outputs. So, the ideal solution to memorize the combined list of characters is to use an interpretive version of any phrase. The example is use “tamWENT2g” for Tina and Mary went to garden”. This password is really difficult to crack and remembering it is also not that tough. The password clearly shows a combination of alphabets, numbers in upper and lower case, which is a must when creating any password.

Another crucial thing to remember is that you should never use the same password in all the places. Also, using the version of a password should never be opted. So, when setting any new password, try following this rule to create passwords that are unique, yet memorable.

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