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Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting YouTube Video Blank Screen on Toshiba Computer

YouTube is the most used video sharing and online watching portal on World Wide Web. Suppose you’re going to watch a trailer of a movie or an advertisement on YouTube but getting only blank rectangle instead of the video then what will be your first reaction? Recently, I got same problem at my Toshiba laptop with Windows 7. Troubleshooting this strange problem has taken the complete day. To save you from this mess, we’ll discuss the steps performed to resolve the blank screen issue of YouTube.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Does it worth to upgrade to Windows 7?

Windows XP was released in the year 2001. According to W3Schools, it was the most used Operating System to access the Internet from September 2003 to July 2011. After that, Windows Vista was launched in 2007 but could not get the tremendous success like that of XP. Numerous reasons are listed for its failure. To cover up with Vista disaster, Microsoft launched its successor named Windows 7. It is the latest version of Microsoft Windows OS available in the market and being offered frequently by OEMs as well. So does it worth to upgrade to Windows 7? Is there any problem if we upgrade from XP to it? Let us try to find out the answers of such questions with this post.